To clarify: You are about to fill in the form to request an Event PSA (public service announcement) that promotes an event or a short-term awareness-raising campaign for your non-profit or charitable organization. You can also request an evergreen (long-term) PSA.

Your event PSA will air for up to six weeks before your event and expires after your event. We charge $30 to produce an event PSA, even if the event your organization is hosting is a free event.

Please note that we are all volunteers here, so it will take 2-4 weeks to produce your PSA. Don’t hesitate to get your form in to us well ahead of your event or the start of your campaign!

Tips: Remember to hit the 5W’s + H:

  • Who are you? (mention your organization’s name)
  • What (what is your event or campaign about?)
  • Why (why should people want to be part of your event or campaign?)
  • Where (the location of the event)
  • When (the date of the event or dates of the campaign)
  • How (how can people take part, buy tickets, etc.)

CJMP and qCRS reserve the right to reject any request for PSAs and retain the right to cease airing your PSA at any time. We also reserve the right to edit your copy for clarity.

My organization is

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