Support Us


Annual memberships in the qathet Community Radio Society cost just $10/year.

Or, you could be a sustaining member and give a little every month. Sustaining memberships start at just $5.



If you are a local business, consider sponsoring CJMP!  Station Sponsorship includes:

  • a 30-second promo to be aired a minimum of 5 times per week:
    • at random at the top of the hour 
    • at random on the 15 minute mark every 3 hours between 6:00 am and midnight
    • at random at the bottom of the hour during the CJMP music library playlists
  • your logo on the website sponsor page
  • our undying appreciation!

Individuals & local non-profits are also very welcome to become sponsors. Please contact our Fundraising Team for rates.

See our sponsor page for more details.