Radio Doc Workshop


A dozen radioheads snugly learning about the craft of researching and producing radio documentary here at the Community Resource Centre on July 21, 2016. Presenters Claudia Medina, Carrie Swiggum and Ioni Wais did a great job covering everything from concept to post-production. Some of the topics covered were:

  • Personal access to stories or topics; passion there and where the personal becomes public
  • Storytelling craft (narrative arc and creating a ‘container’ for the audience to position themselves within a narrative)
  • Audience considerations and the motivation of characters
  • When to let your interviewees and materials collected lead you in different directions — and when not to let this happen
  • Interview techniques
  • Recording techniques and considerations (recording ambient sounds, wearing headphones while recording, eliminating external sound sources, etc.)
  • Structure: leading with attention grabbers, and the need to have a clear initial ‘elevator speech’ topic or theme
  • Pre-interviewing; not leading characters; avoiding ‘yes’/’no’ answers
  • Embracing silence
  • Letting interviewees know that it’s ok to have silence and that there will be editing involved
  • Rule of 3’s: retell the central theme
  • Sound editing essentials

and more, with samples too!

Stay tuned for more FREE audio workshops coming up soon.


Free Workshop Thursday July 21@ 4Pm : In Real Life: Elements of Documentary Story Production

Thursday July 21, 4- 6 p.m. at the Community Resource Centre

In Real Life:
Elements of Documentary Story Production

Come learn the techniques of local award-winning documentary makers in this FREE workshop at the CRC.

Learn about what makes a good story and how to make it compelling.

Claudia Medina‘s work has been recognised by numerous awards from the Canada Council of the Arts, and she has worked alongside well-known directors and on projects for the National Film Board. Claudia is well versed in all aspects of documentary production including writing, producing and directing. She received her master’s degree in Visual Culture from the University of Barcelona.

Carrie Swiggum is a journalist and multimedia producer, and her writing, radio and video work has been published in both the U.S. and Canada. As an independent producer she recently won an award by the Society of Professional Journalists for a full-length radio documentary. She holds a masters in journalism from the University of British Columbia and is the News Director at CJMP

Ionatan Waisgluss (Ioni Wais) is a community animator living in Powel River, BC with a focus on Media, Nature and Interpretation. His wide range of interests and skills have resulted in countless collaborations with community organizations and institutions, as well as some neat solo projects, like his interpretive media hub Vegetation Station.


Cowbell Cared



Great times at the Cowbell Cares – a benefit for CJMP last Saturday July 16 !

We streamed the event LIVE on the radio… and we PODCASTED it too!

Listen to a one our snippet below or get the whole show at

Thanks to Kamandi, Dancing Bear, and Sleazy V for Dee Jaying and to our tech wizards Ioni, Mel, Roger, Carrie and all from the CJMP ranks, folks had a fab time and raised a couple hundred bucks toward our Top the Tower Campaign (on-going— contribute here)

(images below by Ioni Wais, image above by Mel Edgar, poster by Luke Ramsey)

cowbell2 cowbellcares



Report from the 35th annual National Campus & Community Radio Conference


In early June of this year, I had the opportunity to attend the 35th annual National Campus & Community Radio Conference (NCRC), hosted at the University of Ottawa by CHUO 89.1 FM.

The event consisted of a week’s worth of workshops, socials, caucuses, performances, screenings, and more—all related to campus and community radio. I was very glad to see a diverse array of NCRA member stations represented at this event; I had the pleasure of meeting radio enthusiasts from Smithers, Ryerson University, Georgina Island, Peterborough, Abbotsford, and many other cities, towns & communities across Canada.

Every workshop I attended was educational and entertaining, though a couple stand out as being exceptionally great! I really enjoyed one workshop about the importance of community audio archives (Matt Jarvis, Trent Radio), as well as a workshop about making your radio production ooze with creativity (Haydn Watters, CKDU & CBC). One of the social events took the shape of a Radio Cabaret—a listening party and discussion focusing on radio production and appreciation, with Veronica Simmonds & Chris Berube. I thought it was a great idea for a social event, and hope to host one in Powell River sometime. I’m grateful to CJMP for supporting my attendance at this event, and I look forward to engaging with the local and broader grassroots radio community in order to share my newfound knowledge and my stronger-than-ever passion for community radio!

Next years’ conference will be in Abbotsford, and I’m sure it’ll be a great one. I sure look forward to it, and I encourage you to think about going as well! 😀

Keep it airwavy,

–Ioni Wais


CJMP Benefit DJ show Sat July 16 @ Red Lion Pub


sleazyCJMP Benefit DJ show!

Sat July 16 @ Red Lion Pub

9pm-1am 19+


Can’t make it but still want to donate?

Go here.



CJMP LIVE from PRISMA on the Beach​

jason_don CJMP celebrates a new triumph this summer after pulling off its first live remote broadcast!

With permission from PRISMA (special thanks to music director Arthur Arnold and vice president John Silver), all the pomp and ceremony of the beach event was broadcast live on CJMP: including the first live performance of Hothosht Thlagamethost a piece written by Tla’amin artist Drew Blaney with orchestral Music by Tobin Stokes.

Thanks to tech wizards Jason Leane, Don Mitchinson, David Joseph (also known as David Radish) for making this all possible, as well as programmer extraordinaire Tony Colton and his special guest star Nicholas Simmons.

CJMP is looking forward to broadcasting more events live this summer!

CJMP was also at the Canada Day Celebration at Willingdon Beach.

Here you have Captain Underpants and Ioni Wais

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