We need more CJMPeople like you!

The new schedule is up and running which means on to the next tasks!
(Check out the latest shows here.)

If you can help out in one of these areas, please contact us at admin@cjmp.ca !

We train our volunteers for these specific tasks, however working at CJMP requires self motivation and being able to take an idea and run with it! We like our Volunteers to bring their own ideas as well.

  • Organize a meeting to discuss updating our Programming Policy, Volunteer Policy and Event Policy, chair the meeting and report to Board of Directors
  • Gather event announcements, create and disperse list, record the announcements for on-air calendar
  • Downloading, Updating, Tagging and tracking Podcasts, Music, Production elements
  • Checking program logs for policy enforcement
  • Managing substitute programmers
  • Managing facility (phone, garbage, mail)
  • Organizing Progammers Meetings with Program Director
  • Organize new volunteer training and management



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