We need a Music Director!

Hello everyone, CJMP needs a Music Director. The Description of what’s involved and qualifications are written below. If anyone feels up to it and wants to join our team please email us at board@cjmp.ca and tell us about yourself and what you have done. Of course feel free to ask us any questions you may have about this. We are happy to answer!

Music Director


Communicate with various record labels, distributors, and promoters on behalf of the station. The Music Director is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the music library and music databases, as well as working with the Program Director to ensure that music programming fulfils CJMP’s mandate. The Music Director’s duties include, but are not limited to, encouraging volunteer initiatives to connect music programming to the boarder community, and processing new releases, considering genre representation and musical diversity, quality and space. Assist the Program Director where needed. Work collectively with other staff and volunteers at CJMP.


Past experience with community organizations and a demonstrated ability to work with volunteers are essential. The Music Director must be supportive of a wide variety of cultural and musical expressions. Effective administration and library maintenance skills are essential.The Music Director should have a strong level of comfort working with computers and databases. They should also be proficient with software that includes (but is not limited to) email clients, web browsers, file transfer applications, and word processing. Practical experience in music programming and radio production are assets.


Developing the Programming Schedule.
Developing On Air Character or Brand of CJMP.
Developing new policies and procedures in conjunction with other groups relating to programming.
Finding new podcasts.
Outreach to other community stations for cross promotion and training.
Responding to Artists and Volunteer questions regarding programming.
Ensuring Programmers are meeting their requirements for CRTC, SOCAN, and CJMP policies.
Liaising with Board, Tech, Promo, POMFUN, Production teams and the Programming team.
Assisting for Facilitating Monthly Programmers Meetings.
Assisting or writing a Monthly Programmers Bulletin.

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