volunteers – we wouldn’t be here without them

Canada’s National Volunteer Week takes place April 7-13 to celebrate the nation’s 12.7 million volunteers. I’m not sure how they got this number but living in Powell River has made me think that this number might be even higher.

So many people give their time and energy to organizations asking for nothing in return. I see it everywhere in Powell River. They do it because it makes them feel good! OK, so maybe they want the event t-shirt but they will wear it with the pride of a volunteer!

Volunteers organize people, they organize events, they bake things and they make things! Sometimes people volunteer because they have the expertise and want to share it. Sometimes they’re retired from their 9-5 and still want to make a contribution. Sometimes they recognize a need and fulfill it.  

CJMP90.1FM is run by volunteers. Everytime you hear some great music or discussion or hear a wicked podcast or the Tla’amin Word of the Day coming across our airwaves know that it takes about 30 volunteers to make it work.

So, take your hats off to all volunteers everywhere!!!

CJMP90.1FM needs volunteers! Visit cjmp (dot) ca (slash) volunteer!


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  1. Bob Coulter April 17, 2019 | Reply
    Absolutely correct !!! And I am very proud, privaleged, and honored to be one of those 30ish { And growing } volenteers. I feel so good at the end of the day. This is your community radio station Powell River. Please support your Awesome community radio station. Get involved, help us out, and keep us alive. We are here for you. Cheers. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

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