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Firstly, we’d like to welcome Lowell Boran to the Board of Directors in the portfolio of Communications Director. Lowell will be wrangling the many arms that constitute the veritable octopus that is CJMP. From harnessing the power of social media, to ensuring events and meetings are publicized, Lowell is our guy. Drop him a line here and say hello!

Cranberry Hall BC CJMP 90.1 FM

Cranberry Hall BC CJMP 90.1 FM

The ‘Cranhall’
Big news on the programming front includes the immanent arrival of the ARC-15 broadcast console, made possible by a very generous gift from the Cranberry Community Hall Association(CCHA). The CCHA’s substantial gift of $9,000 will pay for the broadcast console with the remainder earmarked to help us increase our signal. Watch this space for more information and photos of large novelty cheque!!

Here’s a short list of other happenings:

Our Signals Committee has been formed to pursue the necessary requirements for signal enhancement. Want to know more? Contact the PRCRS Board.
An Operations Team continues to work closely with our Director of Operations Angela LaFortune. Interested in joining? Contact Angela.
Grants season has sprung and our little elves will be working diligently creating proposals and filling in applications. Wanna be an elf? Contact the PRCRS Board.
Our schedule continues to blossom: check it out!
Not to mention the work of the Policies Committee (want to join? Contact them at: http://old.cjmp.ca/contact-us/contact-the-policies-team/)

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