Upcoming Changes to Open Mic

Howdy listeners! It’s your Hungry Hungry Host DJ Zynski reporting in. Just want to alert you to the DIRE CIRCUMSTANCES of Open Mic here at 90.1FM

Actually that couldn’t be further from the truth – because I love doing my show – but there are some changes being made and you, sir and/or madam, are in the equation.

This Saturday and for all of May, Open Mic will be scaled to a 2-hour show (Noon-2pm.) I am heartily seeking a co-host to run the show beside me and extend Open Mic back to a 3hr slot, with content preparation split 50/50 and friendly banter throughout.

The reason for this program haircut is both front-end and back-end, by which I mean I want to produce more on-air material (Radio Theatre) outside of Open Mic, and work harder behind the scenes as well (Brooks Secondary liaising, production team work, Secretarial stuff.) But! It’s also because the show’s format really demands two hosts – for casual conversation and discussions – that make a less intimidating atmosphere to call or drop in on.

If you are unfamiliar with Open Mic, you can link here http://old.cjmp.ca/podcast/get.php?web=j154.mp3 to get a taste.

Please consider joining me on-air and earn +5 charisma.


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