The Unending Subtleties of River Power


Join host David Parkinson live every Friday from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM (Cascadia Zone) for two hours of all things psychedelic: music that stretches out and offers up grand spaces to wander around in; music with bad habits; noise; mayhem; one-chord wonders; endless grooves; dots, lines, squares, cubes, & tesseracts; anything that provokes/nullifies thought & emotion, and does it without being slushy new-age pap. Kids, your father and I need you to know that we’re in the middle of a goddamned psychedelic revival, coming at you from all around the planet (and beyond); every Friday we capture some of it in a Klein bottle and watch it glow. It’s loud, it’s messy, it’s precise, it goes on and on and on and some can’t stand the waiting for something to happen. But something is always happening.

Here comes the sound, the sound of confusion.

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Here is the past year of playlists, to give you an idea of what we’re up to:

October 9, 2020

Garcia Peoples: One Step Behind
Nick Mitchell Maiato: Ode To What
Chicos De Nazca: Just Do What You Are Doing Fine
Gunn-Truscinski Duo: For Eddie Hazel
Mong Tong: A Nambra
Øresund Space Collective: Warped Transmission
Tambourinen: Wooden Flower
El Universo: El Universo
Korb: Hollow Earth
CB3: Zodiac

October 2, 2020

Papir: Monday
Papir: IIII.I (Live)
Papir: VI.IV
Mythic Sunship: High Tide
Mythic Sunship: Into Oblivion
Mythic Sunship: Out There
Causa Sui: Portixeddu / Tropic Of Capricorn (Live)
Causa Sui: El Fuego

September 25, 2020

Kanaan: Urgent Excursions To The Tundrasphere
Mythic Sunship: Olympia
Jonas Munk & Nicklas Sørensen: Magnetic
Sun Of Man: Sharktooth Necklace
Special Cases: Ex Oasis
Lamp Of The Universe: The Eastern Run
Vintage Cucumber: Dias
Sei Still: Ladrón
Moon Goose: 10,000 Đồng
Acid Mess: Fuego Al Templo
Black Sand: Start To Reveal
The Asteroid No. 4: Juniper
Cathode Ray Eyes: Naraka! Naraka!
Helicon: Too Much Is Not Enough

September 11, 2020

Electric Moon: Increase
John Jeffrey: Play It As It Lays
Taras Bulba: Tethered On The Wheel
Special Cases: Hey
Dire Wolves: Lion’s Breath
Wet Tuna: THTC
Garcia Peoples: Crown Of Thought
Vuelveteloca: Puentes etéreos
Anthroprophh: Toilet Circuit
CB3: Apocalypse
SIANspheric: So We Swim
The Asteroid No. 4: Stardust
Les Big Byrd: 10 Bells

August 28, 2020

Carlton Melton: Waylay
White Manna: Pilgrim’s Progress
The Asteroid No. 4: Hand Grenade
CB3: Sonic Blaze
The Dream Syndicate: The Longing
Holy Wave: Western Playland
Bosques: Godiva
Autotelia: Thinking Makes It So
Prana Crafter: Rebirth In The Mosslands & Pyramid Peak
Spiral Wave Nomads: Ten Color Ritual
The Left Outsides: Down To The Waterside
One Eleven Heavy: Chickenshit
Electric Moon: D-Tune

August 21, 2020

Electric Moon: 777
Black Helium: Death Station Of The Goddess
Sonic Trip Project: Elevator Seven
Taras Bulba: Catch A Falling Star
Nick Mitchell Maiato: Show Yourself
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard: Honey
Holy Wave: Habibi
Pale Graves: Indigo
League Of Sonic Discovery: Emaciated Heart
CB3: Warrior Queen

August 14, 2020

White Manna: ARC
Heavy Moon: Astral Passages
CB3: Acid Haze
League Of Sonic Discovery: Dare To Dream
Sonic Trip Project: Scarab Nebula
The Dream Syndicate: Apropos Of Nothing
Automatism: Heatstroke #2
Black Helium: Pink Bolt
Holy Wave: Adult Fear
Boogarins: Inocência
The Citradels: Been Here A While

August 7, 2020

Carlton Melton: Atmospheric River & Psychoticedelicosis
Zone Six: Hyperspace Overdrive
Oulu Space Jam Collective: Perforated Septum
Bardo Pond: And I Will
Qarafa: Side A
Sista Maj: Yet More Veils & Hi, Who Are You?

July 31, 2020

The Dream Syndicate: The Regulator
White Manna: Surfer Moron & Sailing Stones
Mummise Guns: Glitter Balls
Psychic Earth: Solar Flare
Zone Six: Any Noise Is Intended
Moon Goose: It Ain’t True
The Left Outsides: Splash #1
Autotelia: Floating Island Of The Gods
Black Helium: Death Station Of The Goddess
Camaleón: Glaciar
Spiral Galaxy: Pendlewitches
Holy Wave: Hell Bastards
B-17: Shall We, Sunshine
Las Cobras: Misterio

July 24, 2020

The Asteroid No. 4: Swiss Mountain Myth
White Manna: Zosser
Vintage Cucumber: San Tropico
Lamp Of The Universe: Seance In Parallels
White Hills: Glitter Glamour Atrocity (Car Crash Mix)
League Of Sonic Discovery: Mesmerized
Sonic Boom: I Can See Light Bend
Psychic Ills: Cease To Exist
Wet Tuna: Water Train
Landing: Rhythm Form
Tengger: Flow
Sei Still: Fortuna

July 10, 2020

Les Big Byrd: Roofied Angels
Sei Still: Emisión
Holy Wave: Maybe Then I Can Cry
Vintage Cucumber: Caricia
White Hills: This Time TNT
Lamp Of The Universe: Symbols
Adam Stone / Black Tempest / Dead Sea Apes: Time To Eat Again
Aaron Dooley: Oneiros
Mong Tong: Mystery
Wet Tuna: When I Get Home
White Canyon & The 5th Dimension: Sensitive Fate
Helicon: Il Bacio Di Giuda
Landing: Seen
SIANspheric: 4th Of July
Psychic Love Child: Back Again
The Janitors: High On God
The Asteroid No. 4: The After Glow

July 3, 2020

Carlton Melton: The One That Got Away
Herbcraft: Mass
Moths & Locusts: Escape From Sector C
Human Teenager: Permanent Skin
John Maus: Hey Moon
Gary War: World After
Spiritualized: Hey Jane
The Lucid Dream: Sweet Hold On Me
Radar Men From The Moon: The People Who Stay On Earth Will Explode
Vuelveteloca: Nadie te está buscando
The Time & Space Machine: Black Rainbow
Supercordas: Mumbai
Psychic Ills: I’ll Follow You Through The Floor
Dark Bells: Wildflower

June 19, 2020

Watchout!: Flashbacker
Eternal Tapestry & Sun Araw: Night Gallery IV
White Hills: Let The Right One In
White Manna: Don’t Gun Us Down
Teeth Of The Sea: Responder
Magic Lantern: Friendship
Verma: Space Is Open
Emeralds: Search For Me In The Wasteland
The Holydrug Couple: Ancient Land
White Glow: Unreachable Hopes
Chicos De Nazca: You Are By My Side

June 12, 2020

КОМВУИАТ ЯОВОТЯОИ: Entfremdung | Modell T
Psychic Lemon: Jam 8
Mountain Movers: A Bright Form
SeRvo: Râ
Firefriend: Dreamscapes (Live)
Rakta: Fim Do Mundo (Live)
Sonic Boom: I Feel A Change Coming On
League Of Sonic Discovery: Are You Satisfied?
Rose City Band: Floating Out
Carrom: Toda Cosmologies
Devonian Gardens: Old Star
Holy Wave: Escapism
Anthroprophh: Too Old
Holy Monitor: Summer Of Thorns
Black Tempest: Forest Of Stars

June 5, 2020

Ash & Herb: Solar Flair
Ash Brooks: Cloak Of Many Colors > Space Cloak (Ft. Soft Eyes) in the Fabric
Herbcraft: Docet Up
Prana Crafter: Eyes Closed Inner Thunder
Matt Valentine Preserves: Within > Within Yew
SIANspheric: Resolution…Abandon
Nest Egg: D.B. Cooper
Silver Surfing Machine: Quien sabe
Holy Monitor: This Desert Land
Ancient River: King Freak
Banshee: Caged Birds
Mt. Mountain: Deluge
Elkhorn: Montauk Salt Cave, NYC 02.09.20

May 29, 2020

Los Tabanos Experience: Enchanted Light Philosophy
Nest Egg: Helix
Primitive Knot: Space Precious Time (K-X-P Cover)
The Janitors: The Mind Is A Terrible Thing
The Black Heart Death Cult: It’s Getting Heavy
Banshee: Dawn Of Man
Pretty Lightning: Swamp Ritual
Rose City Band: Wee Hours & Wildflowers
Tonstartssbandht: Olde Feelings
Tales Of Murder And Dust: Deconstructed And Dissolved
Telephone Exchange: Braggarts II
Kikagaku Moyo: Ouchi Time
Firefriend: Tomorrow

May 22, 2020

Mythic Sunship: Leviathan
The Myrrors: Note From The Underground
White Hills: H-p1
Flowers Must Die: Nusrat (Long Version)
Electric Moon: Hugodelia (Live)
Desert Mountain Tribe: Feel The Light

May 15, 2020

Comacozer: Sun Of Hyperion
Dead Sea Apes: Lunar Mansions
Lamagaia: Lamagaius
Ancient River: Under The Stone
Mt. Mountain: Tassels (Original Version) TASSELS EP
Black Tempest: Mukti Advesha
SeRvo: Yajña
White Hills: Freedom To Be

May 1, 2020

Dire Wolves: Flow & Heady > By The Fireside
Flowers Must Die: Djembe
Psychic Lemon: Jam 2
Matt Valentine Preserves: The Look I Love > Wydwyd > Keep It Comin”
Mantra Machine: Hydrogen
Black Tempest: Psyberhead
Moon Duo: Planet Caravan
SeRvo: II
Travelling Wave: The Strike
Helicon: Pure Filth
Tales Of Murder And Dust: Fragile Absolutes
Exnovios: Magia eterna

April 24, 2020

Prana Crafter: 3rd Ear Incantations
Ash & Herb: Ascension Tea
Mantra Machine: Heliosphere
Yuri Gagarin: The Outskirts Of Reality
Pale Graves: The Enlightenment II & End Theme
Psychic Lemon: Jam 1
The Janitors: Through The Storm Into Chaos
League Of Sonic Discovery: I Can Do Anything
Sei Still: Televisión
SeRvo: I
The Asteroid No. 4: Northern Song

April 17, 2020

Sei Still: Tácticas De Guerrilla Urbana
The Noise Birds: When The Light Showers Down It Gives Us A Sign
The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol: From Dusseldorf To Cologne
The Asteroid Belt: Comatose
Perhaps: Don’t Call It Anything (Part 2)
Halo Noose: When You Feel It Babe
Shooting Guns: Go Blind Nosferatu
Spatial Moods: Miedito
White Canyon & The Fifth Dimension: Bright Colors In The Sky
Rymdstyrelsen: White Dwarf
Frankie Teardrop Dead: Plane Eclipse
Hey Colossus: Carcass

April 10, 2020

Flowers Must Die: Berga
Mt. Mountain: Dust
Lamagaia: Aurora
Hills: Och Solen Sänkte Sig Röd
Runa Gaman: Duna Creciente
The Myrrors: Hasta La Victoria
Sundays & Cybele: Paradise Come

April 3, 2020

The Noise Birds: A Dance Loved By A Lost Friend
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.: Cometary Orbital Drive
Perhaps: Don’t Call It Anything (Part 1)
Psychic Ills: Never Learn Not To Love
Matt Lajoie: A River’s Breadth
Joseph Of Kirezi: Acid Wave
SLIFT: Citadel On A Satellite
Hypnotic Floor: Woods
Purple Heart Parade: Petrichor
Exnovios: Dímelo a mi

March 27, 2020

White Hills: As You Pass By (Alternate Version)
Pretty Lightning: Shovel Blues
Windy & Carl: Moth To The Flame
The Janitors: Isolation
Muun Bato: Planet Of The Children
Joseph Of Kirezi: Hirasaka
Long Slow Dissolve: Early Warning System
Hypnotic Floor: Fall
Sula Bassana: Silver Smurfer
Tengger: Achime

March 20, 2020

Electric Moon: (You Will) Live Forever Now
Hotel Wrecking City Traders: Oroshi
Föllakzoid: Arabic – Hash
Lamagaia: Aurora
Carlton Melton: Atmospheric River & Psychoticedelicosis
Action & Tension & Space: Destroyer Of All Worlds

March 13, 2020

Long Slow Dissolve: Into Darkness
Sei Still: El Camino
The Spaceflowers: Frau Kuhnkes Cosmos
Exnovios: Apache
Heron Oblivion: Crossroads (Live)
Rose City Band: Only Lonely
The Asteroid No. 4: Under My Umbrella
Peter Hammill: Red Shift
The Asteroid Belt: Heatsink
My Expansive Awareness: Taste Of Blood
Pretty Lightning: Greyhound
The Utopia Strong: The Deathless Queen
Hypnotic Floor: Static Wheel
DDT: Memory Lane

March 6, 2020

SLIFT: Lions, Tigers And Bears
Giöbia: Haridwar
The GR Record Head: My Returning Sound
OCH: Åkkså & Den Såmm Bor I Tarim
Sonic Boom: Just Imagine
The Holydrug Couple: Vértigo
The Third Mind: The Dolphins
The Asteroid Belt: Snare Tactics
Bonnacons Of Doom: Exteriority
Kungens Män: Vibbdirektivet
Elkhorn: Electric Two (Part B)
Windy & Carl: Crossing Over

February 28, 2020

The Spacelords: Cosmic Trip
Bonnacons Of Doom: Bodhisattva Skanda
OCH: Pandemi På Händelö
Kungens Män: Tricksen för Transen
Yuri Gagarin: Crystal Dunes
SLIFT: It’s Coming
Helicon: Bardo Thodol
Kikagaku Moyo: Mushi No Uta
Giöbia: Heart Of Stone
The Third Mind: Morning Dew
Steve Palmer: Squalor
Country Joe & The Fish: Section 43
Matt Lajoie: Branchwork
Las Cobras: Voices

February 14, 2020

The Spacelords: Spaceflower
Zone Six: Maschinenseele
Yuri Gagarin: QSO
The Holydrug Couple: Vértigo
Dire Wolves (Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band): Deep Sunrise Energy
Sunburned Hand Of The Man: Headless
The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol: Le dilemme de fermier
The Janitors: Falcon
Culto Al Qondor: Part 1
Kungens Män: Främmande I Tillvaron
Old Smile: Unknown Mind

January 31, 2020

Yuri Gagarin: Oneironaut
The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol: Gabbro
Carlton Melton: Eternal Returns
Dead Sea Apes: A Slow Heart Beats Hard
Sula Bassana: Space Maze
Steve Palmer: Useful Histories
Helicon: The Sun Also Rises
Garcia Peoples: Show Your Troubles Out (Live)
Rymdstyrelsen: Oumuamua
Taras Bulba: No Deal Dub
Teeth Of The Sea: I’d Rather, Jack

January 24, 2020

Dead Sea Apes: Night Lands
10 000 Russos: The Wheel
Sunburned Hand Of The Man: Born Clever
The Asteroid No. 4: The Seventh Moon
Les Big Byrd: Snö-Golem
Steve Palmer: Statesboro Day
VED: Din Egen Spegelbild
Los Tabanos Experience: Majestic Volcano
Dhidalah: A.U.M.
The Cult Of Dom Keller: I Hear The Messiah
SLIFT: Hyperion
The Asteroid Belt: Memory Loss
The Telescopes: I Know You’ve Got Something Inside (Driving You Crazy)
The Janitors: Firefly
Ecstatic Vision: Like A Freak
Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation: Feel The Sun

January 17, 2020

Dead Sea Apes: No Friends But The Mountains
Dire Wolves (Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band): Myriads
Sunburned Hand Of The Man: Born Clever
The Asteroid Belt: Nullarbor Plane
White Manna: Slow Dust (Live)
SLIFT: Ummon
Träden: När lingonen mognar (Lingonberries Forever)
Sundays & Cybele: City Of Bubble > Spine Of Cloud > Incarnation
Kingdom Of The Holy Sun: Gone Away
Las Cobras: Llamarás mi nombre
Khana Bierbood: Bad Trip

January 10, 2020

Comacozer: Mydriasis
Oulu Space Jam Collective: Speedway To Titan
Abronia: New Winds For The Warming Sands
Las Cobras: The Color Of Dawn
Wet Tuna: Sacagawea
Ash & Herb: Root Seller
Aaron Snow: True Form
Elkhorn: III
Matt LaJoie: Everlasting Spring
Chicos De Nazca: Since You Got It
Twink With Moths & Locusts And Heavy Friends: Witches Of Love
Sun Colony: Colours
Gnoomes: Glasgow Coma State
Centrum: Stjärnor
Diagram: Gateway
White Canyon & The 5th Dimension: Surrender

January 3, 2020

Minami Deutsch: Can’t Get There
Lamagaia: Jam 3674
Psychic Lemon: White Light
White Manna: Night In Lisbon
Papir: VI.I
Culto Al Qondor: E1
Runa Gaman: Lahuán
Moon Duo: Eternal Shore
Garcia Peoples: Break Me Down
Hawkeyes: The Lickening
White Shape: Worm
Helicon: Phil Mitchell’d
Spiral Wave Nomads: Floating On A Distant Haze
Los Mundos: Apertura

December 27, 2019

Culto Al Qondor: Monitor
Kungens Män: Kåstå
Psychic Lemon: Free Electron Collective
Bardo Pond: Call The Doctor
Bike: Olho d’agua grande & Boca do sol
Moon Goose: South Popular Guy
Matt Valentine: Light Speed & Cosmic Debris & Movin’ (For The Cosmic Range)
Helicon: Sound Of Confession
Los Acidos: Semana Giratoria
Ron Jons Surf Shop: Rain Sequence
The Cult Of Dom Keller: We’re All Fucked (Up)
Dhidalah: Adamski
Rev Rev Rev: Spots On A Dice

December 13, 2019

Kungens Män: Patriarkivet
Sista Maj: A Lighter Feather
The Asteroid No. 4: Losing Touch With My Mind
Dhidalah: Jovian Sky
10 000 Russos: Quite A Charade
Zone Six: Song For Richie
Gnoomes: Xmas Decay
Bike: A Casa Do Colapso Nascente
Los Tabanos Experience: Crystal Madness
White Canyon & The 5th Dimension: Holy Place
Domboshawa: Rymdpuls
Las Cobras: Evil In Your Eyes

December 6, 2019

The Oscillation: Flight Sequence
Dreamweapon: Blauekirshe
Dire Wolves (Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band): Unfettered And Alive
Mountain Movers: The Other Side Of Today
Nest Egg: Nothingness Is Not A Curse
Primitive Air: Pale Earth
Chatham Rise: Surf In G
Bike: Cavalo
Landing: Nod
Spiritualized: The Morning After

November 29, 2019

Prana Crafter: Beggar’s Tomb
Hawkeyes: The Lickening (Wasted Cathedral Deep Vase Remix)
Rose City Band: Fear Song
Föllakzoid: IIII (DJ Nobu Remix)
10 000 Russos: Runnin’ Escapin’
Dhidalah: Jovian Sky
La Grande Armée: Normandia
Wet Tuna: Disco Bev
Life Education: Trauma
White Canyon & The 5th Dimension: Silver Bird
Tales Of Murder And Dust: Distances
Julie’s Haircut: Sorcerer
Magic Shoppe: Trystan Everglades

November 22, 2019

Psychic Lemon: Seeds Of Tranquility
Electric Moon: Lost And Found Souls
Kungens Män: Hårt som ben
10 000 Russos: It Grows Under
Dhidalah: Neuer Typ
Valentine, Matt: Analog Love >
Valentine, Matt: Crystal Mava
Bike: Divinorium
Dire Wolves (Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band): (Brother Lee) Womblife Blues
Abronia: Half Hail
Third Mind, The: Journey In Satchidananda
Tombstones In Their Eyes: Maybe Someday
Magic Shoppe: In Between

November 1, 2019

Carlton Melton: Atmospheric River
Carlton Melton: Psychoticodelicosis
Kikagaku Moyo: Dripping Sun
Minami Deutsch: Don’t Wanna Go Back
Mythic Sunship: Backyard Ritual
Earthling Society: Jetavina Grove
Pontiacs: Velvet
Sista Maj: How Thick Is Your Veil Today?
Les Big Byrd: I Tried So Hard
Firefriend: Shutdown Your Electronic Hallucination

October 25, 2019

Anunnaki: Procession
Sista Maj: But I Insist
Guaxe: Onda
Guaxe: Avesso
Hôpital De La Conception (Featuring Junk Nurse): The Electric Rockin’ Chair (Part I)
AyahuascA: Masses
Buried Feather: Dreamshake
Los Tabanos Experience: Sacrificio Por Fuego
Taras Bulba: Rising Lazarus Blues
Action & Tension & Space: Mørke Skyer Over Sildabyen
Chicos De Nazca: What Could You Explain?

October 18, 2019

Garcia Peoples: One Step Behind
Moon Duo: Flying
The Cosmic Dead: The Grizzard
Ecstatic Vision: Shut Up And Drive
Routine Death: Hot In November
Bike: Vento Solar
Chicos De Nazca: Floating All Around
Action & Tension & Space: Peruvian Dream
Wet Tuna: Roam
The Black Heart Death Cult: We Love You

October 11, 2019

Action & Tension & Space: Destroyer Of All Worlds
Los Tabanos Experience: The Magma Caravan
Life Education: Guru Thunder Child
Runa Gaman: Siberiano
Wet Tuna: Poor Old Interstellar
The Hair And Skin Trading Company: Cruz
The Utopia Strong: Transition To The Afterlife
Montgomery, Roy, & Emma Johnston: Fall Rise
Alien Mustangs: Sunrays
Bike: O Velho Caminho Das Nuvens Brancas
Julie’s Haircut: Anticipation Of The Night
Magic Shoppe: Candy Flip
Heavy Moon: Prisma
The Telescopes: Strange Waves