The Chatman Came to Pow!Town

The dubcomandante and friends (including DJ’s kamandi, Johnny Delish and the main act Mista Chatman) ruled over the Cranberry Hall on Sat. Nov 27th, 2010 for the NEW CJMP’s first official fundraising event! Note the accent on the FUN there. If you were there or anywhere within earshot… well, you know.

The show raised over $500 for CJMP, and we picked up 11 new members!! Thank you for your support for independent radio — we are almost ready to repay you with high-quality, local and sustainable media. But we still need to raise $2000 more by Jan. 15, so don’t forget to contribute to your very own radio station!

Loads of options available, including small recurring monthly support of just $5/mo. As you can see by our bursting calendar of team meetings and events, here — there is lots going on and we miss you there — join up (see a list of our Working Groups here). You can now buy a membership in person at Kingfisher Used Books (located under the bowling alley), and for a limited time, new membership cards come packaged within a gift card designed by local artist and rabid supporter Meghan Hildebrand.

If you weren’t there on Saturday, there is ‘always tomorrow for dreams to come true’ and that ‘tomorrow’ is Sat. Dec 4 for the upcoming dj kamandi show at McKinney’s Pub, followed by yet another event, a (gasp!) all-ages Punk show on Dec 11th (at the CranHall this time). These are both fundraisers for CJMP, too!

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