Thank you for Supporting CJMP: Space Prom 2015

A HUMONGOUS thank you to CJMP staff, board members, volunteers, DJs, special crack team of Prom Event organizers and attendees for making this year’s specially-themed CJMP Space Prom the best we may have yet seen, at the Cranberry Seniors’ Centre or anywhere else.

Many of CJMP’s programmers attended (see above), you’ll find lots of pics on our Facebook page too.

LIVE DJs included Rock Thrustcrotch, Rabideye, Roger and Kamandi.

Zoe Ludski and Jason Addy were voted Prom Queen and King (below in a nail-biting moment)


Photos and fundraising booth by Christopher Heffley

Big hopes for next year’s prom as well!

Quick stats:

  • 150+ people attended
  • 15 memberships sold
  • NET PROFIT: $1930 to help keep the CJMP ship afloat!
  • Plus a great time for all. Win-Win-Win.



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