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“Open Mic” starts Sat. Jan 7 @ Noon

From the desk of Zynski

CJMP’s newest program, Open Mic starts this Saturday (Jan.7th) at Noon and I’ve gotta say I’m pretty pumped.

So pumped that I’ve done almost nothing but work on intro, outro, and promo pieces for it in six-hour marathons, punctuated only by slips into work-induced comas and wetting my cracked, dried eardrums with a turkey baster. This first show has an extra special introduction crafted for it; once in a lifetime appearance, then gone forever.

But man am I ready for this show. Are you ready? (I’m ready.) If you don’t know what for, this is the launch of an ‘open door’ service at our station (4476-C Marine Ave. Powell River, BC) over the (back entrance to) Westview Bowling alley, Noon – 3pm each Saturday.

Anyone who would like to come on air to play a tune, talk about this or that, tell stories, say hi to their friends, have the pleasure of playing a song you’re really in the mood for (and having everyone else hear it too) and so on, well, friend, I’m here for ya.

This is here for those who want to get on the radio, or try it out, but aren’t willing or able to commit to a regular show. It’s first-come-first-serve, but you can also book a time or ask questions by e-mailing me : novaprospekts [at] gmail [dot] com . Or calling while I’m in the station @ 604-485-0088