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Order up an ‘Evergreen’ PSA (Public Service Announcement) for your Org! (FREE)


Community Engagement is a both a big part of Powell River Community Radio Society’s radio license, and also very much in line with our purposes and values. We invite community groups, whether or not incorporated, whose mandate is to provide services or to organize events for the benefit of the community, and which does not divide profits among shareholders or other interested parties to request an “evergreen” Public Service Announcements (PSAs), produced free of charge.

“Evergreen PSAs” are non-changing and not for specific events, but for the organization, generally (i.e. there is no start or end date when the PSA must be removed). Only 1 free PSA (15 or 30 seconds long) may be produced by CJMP. Note that  there are accompanying fees only if changes are ever required to the evergreen PSA. You can always ask that a PSA be removed, free of charge.

“But I just want to advertise an even my group is holding!” Great! Then visit our event submission page (yes, that is free too).

Fill in the form here to get the process started toward your FREE 15 second or 30 second evergreen Public Service Announcement (PSA) to promote your organization. Want US to write your “evergreen” PSA script? Sure! Just email


Get your FREE “Evergreen” PSA

Get your FREE “Evergreen” PSA

The Powell River Community Radio Society (PRCRS), a local volunteer-run non-profit organization operating CJMP 90.1FM since 2010. As a community media organization, we primarily engage listeners both on the radio and online at where we live-stream 24/7 to a world-wide audience. We are working hard to further improve our programming with new shows like CJMP News (Fridays Noon-1PM), and to expanding our signal’s reach (our on-going ‘Top the Tower’ campaign at, while increasing our memberships and sponsorships, as we seek to attain financial sustainability.

We were recently awarded grants that have allowed us to hire a few part-time employees, and as such are in the position right now to offer local community/non-profit organizations a free ‘evergreen’ (unchanging) pre-recorded Public Service Announcements of 15 to 30 seconds in length. All you need to do is come up with a message related to your organization that you want to share to the public, and we will record your message with (or for) you.

There are tips, a sample and an easy form to fill out at that will get the wheels turning. Please also feel free to share any time-sensitive community event with me as well by emailing or filling out the handy event form (that will ensure you have the information we need) at

Our programming and basic operations being volunteer-based, we rely heavily on community support, and we also give back so much to the community. CJMP Powell River Community Radio has something for everyone, as you can see from our program schedule (, and offers our local audience the chance to voice opinions and to broadcast to the listening public, that which is valuable to us, without relying on advertisements and ‘bottom-line’ mainstream appeal. We were created and maintain our CRTC licence as an alternative to mass media, after all.

CJMP encourages your community organization to engage with us first of all, as a listener, with the hope that you will see the value in supporting us as individual sustaining members for as little as $5 per month ( ), as organizational sponsors (at a sharp discount on business rates — see, and as content contributors, as a programmer on your own show, as a guest on other programs, or as a volunteer on any of the many tasks we need done.

Thank you, and hope to hear from you regarding the free PSA!

CJMP Community Engagement/Producer
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