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AGM for Powell River Community Radio Society (CJMP) Thurs Nov 26 @ 7PM @ CRC

AGM for Powell River Community Radio Society (CJMP) Thurs Nov 26 @ 7PM @ CRC

agm 2011 powell river community radio bc

Dear Members,

On November 26 at 7 p.m., the Powell River Community Radio Society will hold its 2015 Annual General Meeting. The location is the Community Resource Centre, 4752 Joyce Avenue. Members are eligible to vote and elect the Board of Directors for the 2016 year (memberships available at the door).

Ever thought about running? We are open to all interested community members, but especially need a volunteer with knowledge of accounting as that is often a difficult position to fill. We want your fresh ideas, so if you’ve ever thought of being on the Board of Directors, this is your chance!

We are in a period of growth at the station, moving ever closer to expanding our tower signal, buoyed by several recent large grants.

A first-ever CJMP News Department is seeking interested volunteers to collaborate and build a weekly news show. No experience required. Workshops begin in December on news gathering and reporting, and a second workshop will be held in January on using the technical equipment, including the sound board, recorders and editing audio.

If you can make it, please bring your questions to the meeting. We would love to see you.


The Powell River Community Radio Society

90.1FM Powell River Community Radio

(604) 485-0088

4476C Marine Ave

Powell River, BC V8A 2K2


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Gift Memberships NOW Available!

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A Brand New Day!

A Brand New Day!

cjmp powell river community radio

cjmp powell river community radio

agm 2011 powell river community radio bc

The 2011-12 PRCRS Board has been elected by our membership. Members attending voted to pass our changes to the PRCRS bylaws, and then a slate of 7 members magically formed and were acclaimed; it is expected that they will meet up within the next two weeks to determine their positions on the Board (see the list here). The new PRCRS board consists of: Tony Colton, Angela Lafortune, Keith Allen, Courtney Harrop, Carol Stanley, Amanda Yurich, John Silver. It’s a really nice gender an age mix, and with a bit of continuity via past-Vice-President Tony Colton who returns on the board for a second term. Thank you members who attended our Annual General Meeting and to those who did put their name up for election to this amazing organization.

When you think about what we started with: owing $2,500 for equipment (debt forgiven by the MCP), three months back rent (paid), money owing to SOCAN and NCRA (paid), finding ourselves on the day after our last AGM suddenly off-air due to equipment and tower issues (fixed), with no more members than those at the last AGM (i.e, 20 members, we now have 268), no discernible mission, purpose, vision statement, no organizational structure, no ‘Working Groups’, just a few meeting minutes (all our minutes have been online from day 1) , no functional website/blog, no Facebook page or Twitter, no online streaming, no logo, no t-shirts, no Paypal account (we’re raised over $3,500 from this online payment option), no sustaining memberships, no phone/internet, no bank account, no advertisers or sponsors or rate card, no training, no community announcements or promos, no live programming or schedule, no clear policies, no stickers, no mixing board, no usable station software, a bunch of old basically unusable equipment stacked willy-nilly, a very rickety music library (we now have more than 30,000 high-quality, well-tagged tunes), but we did have a license and all the legal structures to revive this creature, with thanks to the previous board.

Aron Strumecki and Dolores de la Torre outgoing CJMP board members
Aron Strumecki and Dolores de la Torre outgoing CJMP board members

Well, that, and that crazed little glimmer in the eye of a dozen or so community radio maniacs that soon expanded to include the more than 50 volunteers we now have working to make CJMP better every day. We are just over $8,000 in the black, and also now have three paid people working at CJMP on short-term contracts via our grant from Community Radio Fund of Canada (the Beyond Survival Project) and very recently, via The Chamber of Commerce’s CAPYI program. We all worked very hard on some very unglamorous tasks to set up the structures we hope will serve the next board well, and the departing board members have indicated that we will continue to help out with what we can.


One thing that we failed to mention last night with all the many little things we had to do, was the happy news that the transmedia artist Zoe Ludski (of The Training Wheel and The Beyond Survival Project, and many other cultural activities in town) has accepted the Board-appointed position of Programming Director (as mentioned in a previous post). You will be seeing a post from Zoe on these pages soon.

On a personal note, I’d like to thank the out-going board, all our directors current and past, and volunteers of all kinds for their work, their respect and trust throughout– it’s been a great learning process not only about radio, but about effective communication and community-building in general, and how the two are intermingled. I sense great things to come, with many more voices on this blog, on air, and in our community. It was great to see your happy faces last night! – Giovanni (aka Rabideye)