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What the new year may bring…

What the new year may bring…

Winter Maple by Deb Bryant  for CJMP 90.1 fm Powell River  BC Community Radio

Winter Maple by Deb Bryant for CJMP 90.1 fm Powell River BC Community Radio

With many of our programmers this week reviewing the past year in various ways, from compiling ‘Best of’ collections and such, it might be a nice contrast to look ahead at what 2012 may bring, instead. The crystal ball’s in the shop, so my imagination will have to suffice.

By the end of January, we should be getting together for a meet-and-greet with the new Board of CJMP via a Public Gathering to welcome new members and provide updates as well as a chance to have your voice heard. No doubt a few new programs will be announced, some new directions plotted out, a few new projects started, some new equipment may be in the pipeline, and a couple of key positions may need filling.

February promises a second annual Valentine’s Day edition of The People’s Prom, a ‘volunteer appreciation’-themed celebration in full high school prom regalia, open to all.

Springtime will bring with it some fabulous new programs, as a new roster of budding DJs will have been trained up by then, as well. I sense a few fundraisers, community reach-out events, some new sponsors and advertisers, and call for grant-writers in the air as well, before the summer kicks in. If the past year is any indication, Summertime is no time to slow down; it will feature CJMP prominently at outdoor regional events.

Of course, long-standing wish list items will be addressed … such as the need for a new mixing board, increased signal reach, more sponsors and advertisers, and perhaps even more space as this all happens.. who can say?

The Fall will feature our second-ever Fall Funding Drive which may have a very different flavour in 2012, but that’s a ways off at this point, and said imagination is overwhelmed.

So, keep your eyes and ears peeled to CJMP, keep up your membership, sustain us with even a small $5/month sustaining membership, or even become a sponsor of the station or of a specific program (like our current sponsors have done). Get your own show, or help others produce, or co-produce… there are so many options!

Have a healthy and happy New Year from all us elves working behind the scenes and/or on air at CJMP, your community radio station! Make it a resolution to support our collective efforts however you can in 2012.