“Sorry, Wrong Number,” a radio play

The Townsite Actors Guild and CJMP90.1FM are presenting “Sorry, Wrong Number,” a radio play by Lucille Fletcher. To listen to the play head on over to cjmp.ca/radio-play!

Sorry, Wrong Number. A radio play by Lucille Fletcher

There will be several live transmissions of it on radio or online that will be free of charge to anyone with a radio or an internet connection! 

Dates and times (PT):

  • Saturday, June 27/20 at 8:00pm is the premiere!
  • Tuesday, June 30/20 at 7:00pm
  • Saturday, July 4/20 at 8:00pm
  • Tuesday, July 7/20 at 7:00pm

While there are no tickets being sold for this production, we will still need to cover expenses for actors’ honorariums, equipment, props, printing, and marketing. If this play sounds like something you would like to support, we invite you to make a donation of any amount to this GoFundMe Campaign. All funds raised will be split equally between CJMP90.1FM and the Townsite Actors Guild. 

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