“Say ‘No’ to Treaty?” 
Special Broadcast this Saturday at Noon

Hello to all our listeners out there, if you haven’t checked out the bike to work week event the details are further down the page.

“Say 'No' to Treaty?” 
Special Broadcast this Saturday at Noon

“Say ‘No’ to Treaty?” 
Special Broadcast this Saturday at Noon

As many of you know, the Sliammon Band is set to soon vote on a Treaty with the province and with Canada. The date of the vote is June 16th.

After more than 20 years of negotiations and a debt held by Sliammon totalling over 20 million for engaging in this process, it would seem a cause for fanfare; yet on the ground we hear otherwise.

Noon sharp this Saturday during ‘Open Mic,’ we will present a special broadcast of interviews held on the Reservation, conducted with band members against the treaty. We now have 11 voices on tape, with another 14 interviews planned; opposition to Treaty seems to outnumber those in favour by a wide margin – yet has been virtually ignored.

Treaty is no easy topic, it is out of the frying pan and into the fire, and the heat is breaking communal bonds. The show will not set out to take a stance on either side. June 2nd (following Saturday) will continue with new interview broadcasts and will include pro-treaty voices. It is our hope to build trust with the Sliammon community and to offer the radio to their voices.

Please spread the word, and tune in.


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