Roving with The Training Wheel

Kyran King on CJMP Powell River Community Radio

Kyran King on CJMP Powell River Community Radio

This Wednesday night, February 15th, CJMP’s former host of Intrigue, returns to the airwaves at 6PM for a roving episode of the Training Wheel. Kyran King will join Zoe on air at 6PM. Tune in as he re-acquaints himself with our tech gear, warms up the ol’ vocals and throws down some words while discussing his upcoming new program.

Stay tuned for more roving Training Wheel episodes as Program Director, Zoe Ludski, begins training Programmers on the New Sound Board (due to arrive any day now…). She’ll be joining current Programmers during their shows to help them learn the new technology as well as some on the job re-fresher training!

Things are moving along quickly as Spring creeps up on us. Check the website often and Programmers can expect lots of last minute excitement when we hear word of the arrival of the ARC 15! Thanks for your hard work – even if it’s just tuning us in!

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