Radiometers 2016 Radio Documentaries

 In 2016, CJMP received a grant from the Community Radio Fund of Canada to develop a local news department, at this mostly volunteer-run station. Part of the money went toward hosting workshops on sound editing and documentary making, as well as working one-on-one with local producers. These short documentary features are the results of that effort. 



Zoë Ludski : “Reconciliation in Powell River”

Reconciliation is an ongoing process involving all Canadians. The recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission include reporting back to Canadians on the progress. CJMP reporter Zoe Ludski interviews community members living in and around the Tla’Amin Nation regarding their experiences.



Giovanni Spezzacatena : “Skookum Community Gleaning”

This documentary features the sound of the Skookum Gleaners project, from the initial call to the coordinator, through two gleaning sessions in July 2016 featuring tree owners, pickers and their friends and family on the pick site, as well as some thoughts by the project coordinator, on the process. The soundtrack does not feature narration, but a tapestry of interview segments and environmental sounds of crows, bees, birds and music.



Sandra Lopez: “Discovering the Intertidal Zone”

Photo by Terry Thormin – Creative Commons

This story is about how I discovered the extraordinary intertidal ecosystem in Powell River trough a field trip to the Hernando islands in the lowest tide of the year; the richness and the complexity of this habitat was like discover a whole new world for a person who comes from the Andes mountains, just like me.



Janet May : “Drum”

For the past 6 years, grade seven students at James Thompson Elementary School have created Tla’amin Legacy Projects. Legacy Projects are visible evidence of Tla’amin culture in Powell River. The latest project is a large log drum that sits under a canopy near the welcome pole in the schoolyard. The log drum has inspired some of this year’s grade seven students to create a living legacy of drumming and singing in the school. For teacher Gail Blaney drumming is an important connection between generations at the school.



Ioni Wais: “Up the Treeline”

Up in the Treeline is a short documentary that tells the tale of a Powell River resident and his memorable encounter with a mysterious creature in the woods. This first-person story is interspersed with the thoughts and experiences of other Powell River characters, including an artist who frequently paints Sasquatch into many of his works, an outdoor enthusiast who remains somewhat skeptical about the subject, and a young boy who is fascinated by magical creatures.