Published in Immanence Magazine (Winter 2011 issue), republished here by permission of the author and Immanence magazine.

by Nola Poirier

Did you know that there are more than 13 languages spoken in Powell River? Do you know why Powell Riverites call rope swings zungas? Have you heard the story of what inspired the people of Powell River to start the first Credit Union in BC? Did you know that the neighbourhood of Stillwater used to have a bigger population than Powell River? Or that our region is renowned for sightings of Sasquatches? Or that we took certain steps that led to designation of Powell River as an official Transition Town?

cjmpIf Powell River could talk, what would it say?

Find out: by tuning your radio to the all-new CJMP, and witnessing Powell River’s community radio revival.

Community radio is an incredibly beneficial resource for building and sustaining communities like the geographic community of people on the Upper Sunshine Coast and its overlapping cultural communities and communities of interest.

Why? First, community radio is accountable to its community–the listeners and members. The station is operated, owned, and driven by the community, not by advertising dollars. Second, community radio gives voice to ideas and individuals that otherwise don’t often get heard, making it a valuable tool for celebrating diversity and learning about difference. Finally, community radio creates opportunities for us to hear our neighbours, friends, and local strangers share ideas, perspectives, stories, knowledge, music and news. We plan to fill airwaves in our bandwidth with the voices of Powell River and voices Powell River wants to hear.

Our first live show, The Pow!Town GetDown Radio show on friday nights hosted by DJ Triple Dub, aired Jan. 14th at 8 p.m. We’ve recently accepted 12 more shows, including Sound Existence, Everyday is like Sunday, Freaking Open the Head, Cowbell Radio, Sunshine Yellow, Tales of Wonder, By the Letter, Stunt Man and Metal Hour. Add to this many podcasts, including Deconstructing Dinner, and more shows on the way, like The Latin Show, the Opera/Classical show, and Beyond Survival.

We have a big, energetic crew of volunteers and members, but we’d love to have even more people involved. Check out our website for all the details on hosting a show, joining a team, or becoming a member.

Some CJMP updates:

We had 110 members as of Jan 12, 2011: our goal was 100 by Jan 15. Our next membership goal is 300 members by Canada Day.
Saturday, Feb. 12th was our first annual People’s Prom, a dance full of romance and shenanigans. The event was a smashing success.
To date, our members have raised over $4,100.
Find us online at and on Facebook and Twitter (search for CJMP).
We are developing a system for local non-profit groups to develop public-service announcements. Should be ready to go in late February.
We’re launching into “Sustain Us!”—a campaign to increase sustaining memberships that allows for small monthly donations via paypal on our site:
Oh ya, we’re now streaming LIVE at
The next public meeting is Friday, March 11 at the Community Resource Centre, 5:30pm. Come one, come all.

Don’t fret if you can’t receive the signal in your area and you don’t have cable: one of our goals is to expand coverage. We are currently researching and costing out options to widen our reach.

If you’re already in our listening area, tune in to 90.1 FM or 89.1 on Shaw Cable—for radio that rocks, talks, and walks the walk.

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