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sampleshowposter_8halfby5half-300x194CJMP is committed to getting your program on air and to provide technical, instructional and promotional support to our programmers, to better ensure that their program runs smoothly and is accessible to the public.
We do this through…
• Providing the time on our schedule for your show, as well as the basic technology, space and training required to be able to produce your program in a successful manner, according to our available resources and expertise.
• Providing promotion of your program through:
• CJMP printed schedule: The CJMP schedule will be printed periodically and will include your program name, your logo/image (if any), host name and a short description on our printed program schedule;
• Online Program Promotion: This will happen on our website and through social media, using various methods, including displaying promotional images of your program, links to your day/time on the online schedule, and audio clips of your program. If your program has sponsors, then the sponsor page on the web site will also link the sponsor to your program information;
• Poster/ Logo/ Identity Design for your program: You may choose to design or produce your own posters, as long as they follow our basic template (see image), or you may ask for your poster to be produced for you by our POM team, free of charge; Get our logo in various sizes (incl. 3.5″ x 1.5″ as above requirement) here.
• On-air promotion: Each program on CJMP will have its own self-produced audio promotion (max. 30 seconds ea.) that will play twice per day: once at the time the program would normally air (but on another day) and once at another time between 6 am and midnight. I.e. if your program normally airs on Friday at 5 PM, your ad would air every day at (or around) 5 PM, plus again at another random time. It is the responsibility of the programmer to record and produce their own program’s ad, making sure to mention their sponsors, if any. Check out these great links on how to use the free downloadable audio recording and editing software Audacity. Download it here:
and find help links (in video!) here:
(or see these few on YouTube: Here is a basic one on how to download the program (very easy!) and some more here on more complex procedures (again, it’s very easy!)
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Still need help? Contact us and we will get someone to coach you.

• Design Services and Printing : If you choose to have our Promotions/Outreach/Membership (POM) team design your program’s poster/identity design (free of charge)*:
CJMP will print 10 colour half-letter sized pages (i.e. 5 pages of 8.5” x 11”, with 2 posters per page) per month upon request, via the POM team. Another option is to print 10 black and white full-page posters per month, upon your request, via the POM team.
It is the responsibility of the programmer to poster his/her own locations.
Self-produced posters must be ratified by the POM committee and if programmers want their posters printed by CJMP, they will need to be ordered through the POM committee. The PRCRS Board reserves the right to request changes to a poster, with explanations and support.
*Note that the POM team has provisionally agreed to provide one basic design per program, per year, following our basic template (see heading images); otherwise programmers are free to produce their own posters (keeping the main template’s basic information like the CJMP logo and web address prominent, sponsors, etc.)

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