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cjmpsponsorsandwichCJMP strives to support our programs and programmers.
We acknowledge that producing a program takes a lot of energy, time, talent and commitment.
Our license and mission require that we support local programmers and facilitate the production and airing of local program. As with any non-profit, CJMP relies on the support and collaboration of volunteers to create a functional and pleasant work environment. The Powell River Community Radio Society (PRCRS) is also responsible for covering recurring monthly expenses, and for increasing the quality of our infrastructure to better support programs and programmers; this includes paying our rent, telephone and internet fees, license fees, utilities, and eventually salaries or honoraria for a few key staff positions.

We see the added participation of our programmers/DJs as only part of the solution to meeting our budgetary goals. CJMP encourages programmers to contribute as volunteers in addition to the time spent researching and producing their program. One major way programmers can help is through gaining sponsors for their programs. (Please see our rate chart and information)

Sponsored programs: The management of CJMP sees sponsorship as a good option for helping to maintain the technology and pay for the station’s required space and general up-keep, as well as providing funds for future upgrades. We encourage programmers to seek out sponsors who they think will best reflect the tone, content and airing time for their own program: no one knows who your audience is better that you! As a non-profit community radio station, our concession to paid ads and sponsorships is limited: according to our sponsorship policy, programs may be sponsored by up to 2 sponsors per show at any one time, during which no other paid advertisements will be played. Sponsored programmers are also expected to donate their time at special events and on the Working Groups (especially on the Programming Team) as required.
Unsponsored programs: The management of CJMP recognizes that for various reasons, finding a sponsor for your program may be more difficult. Yet we still do need to be able to sustain the station and keep it viable. Therefore, programmers who do not have sponsors are kindly requested to support their program and station in other ways.
Here are some options open to all programmers:
1. Solicit other forms of advertising (e.g. obtain a regular ads for the station; visit: for more information)
2. Provide in-kind donations of equipment or materials that the station requires (with receipts or in-kind donation invoices submitted to the Treasurer or Secretary of PRCRS). This could include even non-radio related technology or materials that are needed like for example: needed furniture, paint, required carpentry services, food, requested drinks or special services for an event, stationery we would otherwise have to buy, required printing services, special equipment rental, etc. If you’re not sure about whether a contribution is acceptable, please contact a board member at:
3. By actively leading in fundraising or dedicated membership-increasing activities. Note that whereas every programmer is expected to volunteer to fundraising and membership drives, taking a lead role in such activities can count toward your contribution in lieu of sponsorship dollars.

Please note that in-kind donations of materials, time or otherwise must be authorized and signed off by two individuals, including:
1. The team leader for the appropriate category you are engaged in (POM, Fundraising, Technology, Policies, Programming), and
2. One current PRCRS Board member must also sign off on your contribution.

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