Oct. 12: CJMP’s Live 12-hour On-Air Funding Drive!

Tune in to 90.1FM October 12th for The Longest Day (In Radio)!

The live programmers of CJMP are locked in the studio by Illumicorp ‘management’ after receiving a demand that money be raised or else Valentine Mountain gets it! They are given twelve hours. The volunteers fervently try to raise the money through various appeals to the community and the situation becomes more desperate as more programmers arrive not knowing that they too are now trapped…

At the top of every hour, between 9:00am – 9:00pm, CJMP’s first ever Fundraiser Radio Play will be unfolding! Join us, as the voice talents of our very own CJMP DJs bring you Steven Lohrenz’s exciting radio drama, “The Longest Day (In Radio)”. A story of how a handful of small-town community radio station volunteers (and Cher?!!) band together to Save Valentine Mountain and keep community radio alive! (Disclaimer : No Valentine Mountains were harmed in the making of this radio play)

Then stay tuned in! Because CJMP 90.1FM will be filling the airwaves with 12 hours of Live Programming! Your favourite CJMP DJs will be in the studio from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM sharing their love of community radio with you, dear listeners, by bringing you all the music and entertainment you’ve come to love over the last 10 years!

And Powell River’s Community Radio will be asking for your love and financial support! Please, donate to CJMP 90.1FM , a 100% volunteer-run community radio station.

Check out donation options on our website! Become a sustaining member!

Help us keep the lights on and the dials lit!

David Parkinson

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