New Beginnings

Old and new friends meeting around food and gifts and radio. What could be better?

Old and new friends meeting around food and gifts and radio. What could be better?

Today marks CJMP’s first milestone date: It’s been exactly three months since the new board of directors was elected on October 15, 2010. The Board of Directors of Powell River Community Radio Society (PRCRS) shortly thereafter set three major goals:

To raise $3,000 by Jan 15, 2011
To gain 100 members
To have at least one live show on CJMP
Just three short months ago, with several months back rent left unpaid, and with a station newly off-air right after the last Annual General Meeting, these were lofty goals. But ‘sometimes the sun goes ’round the moon’, and strange (but good!) things do happen.

For the first time ever, CJMP now has several rings of hard-core radio supporters supplying the station with much-needed energy. Community radio starts with community, after all. This all made last night’s announcements — that together, we’d raised over $4,200 by the deadline, gained 114 new members, and had our first LIVE program last night at 7PM (thanks to dubcomandante and MC Cinnamon Bun)— all the sweeter. Close to half of these funds came from three fundraising shows largely organized by individuals!

Our gathering of forty people from ages four months to whatever, started with a pot-luck buffet and chat-a-thon with a special kids play area (thanks to Anna Strumecki and Caitlin Bryant and many elf-like pre-teen volunteers for making this happen). The Misfit Gift table bubbled with activity as well.

Introductions followed, with reports from the board of directors of the Powell River Community Radio Society, and by the five hard-working team leaders representing the Technical (Jacob Krauss), Programming (Jennye Vishek), Policies (Janet May), POM-POM (Promo-Outreach-Membership’s Meghan Hildebrand), and Fundraising (Murray Dobbin) teams. Attendees were asked to sign up for the teams’ mailing lists and to attend the fascinating (really!) meetings as they can. The CJMP calendar lists the meeting times and dates, and the team meeting minutes are all online.

Of course, new goals were set:

2-300x217Increasing the Sustaining and recurring monthly donations to at least $350/mo (right now we have only $60 recurring) to help pay the rent, asap (see here for recurring monthly PayPal options; see #3 here:
Getting Internet and phone into the studio, plus live online streaming asap
Jump-starting the Fundraising Committee with some serious grant-writing asap
Getting some Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) and Station ID’s recorded and out there asap
Sponsor-search 2011 is ON. Policies soon in place for getting selective sponsors and advertisers. Make contact with your community businesses that are open to supporting community radio and ‘put a bug in their ear’
Getting a Schedule out and printed by mid-February, 2011
Getting a Policy manual in place by mid-March, 2011
Gaining 200 more new members by July 1st, 2011
Having 12 new live programs up and running by July 1, 2011
In the meantime, other super-exciting projects are going on, such as:

7-300x282A call for poster submissions from members and friends (;
A “People’s Prom” event on February 12 that will serve as a party and our next Public Gathering (location TBA);
A slew of programs coming up from Reggae to Latin to Spoken Word to Heavy Metal to Experimental music, and beyond… and
PRCRS’s Chair for the night, Aron Strumecki and Rob Hughes also announced the new Skills Link program that Career Link is running to provide paid radio training to youth 15-30 who fit the specs, called Radio Gaga, through CJMP.
Saving the best for last:
Above all, thanks to the volunteers and donors who gave and continue to give freely of their time, talents, expertise, materials, equipment, ideas and (even) hard-earned cash! It’s all necessary and it’s all greatly appreciated.

-Giovanni Spezzacatena (aka rabideye)

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