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Members are the lifeblood of any community organization; even more so for a community radio station. We would love to have you as a member, so please consider becoming either an annual member or (better yet) a sustaining member. We also offer a lifetime membership for the truly hardcore!

An annual membership costs $10, and for that you get the right to vote at all our general meetings; we’ll keep you up to date on the latest goings-on at the station; and we’ll do our best to offer you special perqs & love all through the year.

Click on the button below to pay through our secure PayPal account:


Membership options
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If you don’t use PayPal, here are some other payment options:

Pay by direct transfer

If you bank with First Credit Union, you can make a direct transfer by going to a branch of First Credit Union in person and requesting a transfer from your account to our account #422253. Be sure to have them transfer the money into our chequing account, and please have them add a memo to that transaction so we know it came from you. There will be no fee for a direct transfer. One real advantage for us is that these direct transfers come to us without any commission skimmed off the top. Also, you can ask First Credit Union to set up a series of recurring monthly payments, if that’s easier for your bookkeeping. We like it because it spreads the cash flow more evenly.

Pay by cheque or cash

If you choose to pay by cheque or cash, please download our membership application form, fill it out, attach $10 for one year’s membership or multiples of $10 for as many years as you want to be a member, and return it to us at our mailing address (4476C Marine Ave., Powell River, BC, V8A 2K2) or hand it to our Membership Coordinator. If you wish to make recurring monthly payments with a set of postdated cheques, that works for us. Please make them all payable on the first day of each month for as long as you intend to continue being a sustaining member.

Pay by e-transfer

Go to your online banking site and find the place where you can send e-transfers. The email address you’ll need to send to is You’ll be asked to enter a security question, and you will need to let our Treasurer know the answer to that question, so you should email the answer to the security question to the same email address. Please note that your bank or credit union will add a service charge. The amount may vary from one institution to another, so be sure to ask your bank or credit union if you need to know. One downside of e-transfers is that it is impossible to set up recurring monthly payments.

Gift memberships & sustaining gift memberships are also available. Click here!