Members, Win Tix to ‘Expose Yourself’

exposething-194x300YOU can be the 2011 CJMP VEP (Very Exposed Person) representing how sexy community radio is! You will get an actual pass to wear too. It’s a CJMP members-only contest held by the ‘Expose Yourself’ series of fantastic events (March 18-20, 2011). Win a VEP pass by entering a random draw: Members just email (click here) and type “VEP ME!” in the subject line, and add your full name and contact info. Not a member of CJMP? Become one right now!

Organizer Caitlin Bryant lists the events:

Fri. March 18 at 7 pm -10 pm: (sugg. $5 donation) This will be a relaxed setting focusing on the art and the performances. We will enjoy Nola and Claudia’s spoken word pieces with audio/visual aids, Green Porno, Women’s PUNK ROCK Choir, Cameron Twyford, A Civilization of Love, a demonstration of amazing pole stunts and locally- made erotic merchandise! (The bar will be open both Fri and Sat nights)

Sat March 19 at 7 pm-2 am: (sugg. $5 donation) This is the raucous night of socializing, eating fresh Okeover Oysters, chocolate aphrodisiacs, interactive installations and games, Green Porno, painted bodies, erotic, locally- made merchandise and more amazing pole stunts. Musical guests The Heavy Petting Posse and GODZ BALLZ. Participatory Kundalini performance opening the dance floor to all!

Sun 1 pm-4 pm: (free) A last chance to see the art and share a laugh about the night before. PJ’s welcomed but not mandatory.

Eroticize That Object Project 2011 has delivered 5 miscellaneous objects to community members to be ‘eroticized’ and SUPER raffled off during the exhibition weekend…You can enter to win one of the objects by buying tickets and putting your ticket in the draw for each object with proceeds going to Pebble In The Pond Environmental Society.

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