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We had another excellent public meeting last night, where many of our core active members shared important information on how the station is progressing, especially in regard to live programming, Public Service Announcements and new music. It was especially nice to meet and hear from the eight youth Skills Link participants from Aron Strumecki’s Radio Gaga group– a post on their program is coming soon. The next Public Gathering is set for Friday, April 29th at 5:30 at the CRC (4752 Joyce Ave.)

One item that was mentioned was “logging”: the process by which a list of the time/content played on the station is kept in both written and audio form for a period of time, as proof of our compliance with our CRTC type B Community Radio license rules.

Here is the CJMP log sheet for keeping records of the selections played, ads, spoken-word segments, etc., during any given program. Until we set up a database where live programmers can enter the info related to what they are playing on air, we’re requiring that DJs fill in hand-written logs of the material they are broadcasting. All our broadcasts are currently being recorded, as this is part of our legal requirement as well.

For legal purposes, we need to record for each selection:

artist name;
title of selection;
whether it is CanCon (see a simplified version here);
whether it is a hit;
whether it is an instrumental selection;
the language of the selection; and
whether it is a Category 3 selection.
CRTC: Campus and community radio stations are expected to provide a local programming service that differs in style and substance from commercial stations and the CBC/Radio Canada.

Current policies require a minimum weekly level of 35% Canadian content for Popular Music selections. However, the CRTC recognizes that campus and community stations often program new and emerging popular music genres. In this case, there may be fewer Canadian selections available. As such, the CRTC may approve conditions of licence that establish lower Canadian content requirements for program periods devoted to new and emerging Popular Music.

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