Let’s Move Beyond Survival Mode – A Call for Applications

Moving Beyond Survival – A Call for Applications

CJMP recently received a grant from the Community Radio Fund of Canada to train people to sustain Powell River’s community radio station. CJMP is seeking participants from our community for an eight-week intensive training program that will provide these individuals with resources to become leaders and mentors at CJMP. The program will develop skills in Media Literacy and Citizen Journalism, as well as skills in facilitation and leadership, so that upon completion, participants are equipped to do the following – and – to teach other members how to:

Identify and gather stories
Write and tell stories for radio
Produce stories
Broadcast stories on the radio
The BSP will begin Sept. 12 and run until Nov. 26, 2011. Participants will dedicate 30 hours per week (including roughly 15 hours instruction/week) to training and practice. This will take the form of group workshops, guest instructors, and individual and small group field work as well as work and reflection online. The group will be co-facilitated by Joel Benson and Zoe Ludski, who will guide participants through the program. Using discussion, journals, blogging and audio logs, the group will reflect on their experiences and connect them to day to day work at CJMP, allowing the process to be passed on to the rest of the membership. BSP requires participants who will become dedicated, engaged and active members of the Powell River Community Radio Society and CJMP, that will teach other members their skills so our Human Resources will continue to increase.

If you are passionate, open minded, multi-skilled, committed and a valuable team member please apply with the following by noon on Monday, August 8th, 2011: Submit your resume and the answer two of the following questions in writing and record one as an Mp3 file:

1. What do you bring to the Beyond Survival Program team and to the Powell River Community Radio Society?

2. What do you expect to gain from the Beyond Survival Program and the Powell River Community Radio Society?


3. Define two (2) of the following terms below, as they apply to you and CJMP:

Citizen Journalism
Alternative Media
Your response to the one of the questions should be recorded as an Mp3 file. Please indicate your permission if we may use your recording on air.

Email your completed application package, including:
your resume;
written responses to the two questions above; and
an audio recording of your response to two of the media terms above (and permission to use this on air) to: production@cjmp.ca by noon Monday, August 8, 2011.

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