Join the CJMPpeople Team! Bike to Work Week (Mon. May 28-Sun. June 3, 2012)

CJMP Radio at Bike to Work Week Powell River BC

CJMP Radio at Bike to Work Week Powell River BC

CJMPeople is the title Les Schramm (of local Cultural Calories Pedicab ) has bestowed upon the CJMP Bike to Work Week team. The idea is:

Pledge to bike to work (if you bike to CJMP, this counts too)
sign up for the CJMPeople team by…

Contacting Les Schramm: Tel. 604-578-0567 or
E-mail Les at herculeslie(at)gmail(dot)com or Facebook Message him that you wanna be on the team. Check out Cultural Calories Pedicab FB page as well.
Count the daily km’s (here’s a tool to help you out); approximate how many km between home and work (1-way) and tell Les when you ask to be on the team. Les says he can tell you how far your distances are… or get a speedometer. Ask him, and report your figures back to Les.
Maybe CJMPeople can win the grand prize!

Also, you may want to join the event via Bike To Work Week’s Facebook Page and visit the Powell River Bike to Work Week website.

As you can see on the poster, there are many, many events planned including the big start at City Hall this coming Monday morning at 7:30am-9:30am… But remember to wear your helmet or no coffee-4-U.

(Like to bike, fit as a fiddle, and wanna work with Les as a tour guide during the summer? See here)

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