It’s time to connect with CJMP

connectMore live programs, more listeners, more spoken word programs and podcasts, more PSAs and community announcements (click here to add your own), more members and more volunteers taking on tasks as varied as:

helping with recording PSAs,
hosting live programs,
programming our schedule,
handling new music,
interviewing and coming up with news stories
reaching out to community groups and members of our cultural communities,
balancing our books,
training programmers
dealing with technology,
maintaining our music libraries and logs,
surfing through license regulations, etc.
writing up blog posts,
taking pictures for our site,
putting up posters,
attending public events and manning CJMP tables,
attending important meetings on Policy, Promotions/Fundraising and Operations (Tech + Programming), as well as Board meetings,
writing up agendas and minutes,
searching for and writing grant applications,
managing memberships and sponsorships,
prepping fundraising events (one’s coming up on May 15! Skampida!),
designing and printing up posters, t-shirts, stickers and business cards…
and much, much more…
The stage is set for more programs and for more stuff! Find out where you can fit in– you don’t need to have your own program to contribute. (But you can certainly apply for one, either alone or with a friend… split-shift a show, even… or guest on someone else’s show, or sponsor a show or…)

Find out more! We have a CJMP Public Gathering coming up this Friday, April 29 at 5:30PM at the Community Resource Centre (4752 Joyce Ave. Powell River, BC). We’re asking attendees to bring along some finger food and/or something to drink and if you have any CDs you’d like to donate to CJMP’s library, please do bring them along! (Original CDs only please; i.e. not a CD made up of Mp3’s whose origin is unknown — we will only accept an actual CD that was purchased legally, with packaging).

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