It’s a-LIVE!

A short and sweet run-down of current and up-coming LIVE programs by local DJs:

Mondays 9am-11am = Roulette Radio
Mondays and Tuesdays 11am-1pm = The Training Wheel w/Zoë
Thursdays at 1pm-2pm: The Spinning Wheel
Friday 4pm to 5pm = Latin Hour (coming soon) w/Lola
Friday 5pm to 7pm = Every Day Is Like Sunday w/Bad karen
Friday 7pm to 8pm = Cowbell w/Kamandi
Friday 8pm to 10pm = Pow!Town getdown w/DJ tripledub
Friday 10pm to 12am =Freaking Open the Head w/ MC Cinnamon Bun
Saturday 10am to Noon = Sunshine Yellow w/Rabideye
Saturday Noon to 2pm = The Unending Subtleties of River Power w/David
Saturday 6pm to 8pm = By the Letter w/Barry MacLaren
Saturday 8pm to 9pm = (coming soon) Relentless Metal with Josh
Saturday 9pm to 9:30pm = The Stunt Man …. he’s not live but it is a podcast from a vancouver d.j. and the show is recorded weekly

The Training Wheel
11 AM -1 PM Mondays and Tuesdays
Hosted by Zoe
Training for New Programmers begins here! Future DJ’s for CJMP learn the ropes at the station by helping Zoe out during the show. You never know what you might hear on The Training Wheel as programmers test their wings learning the mixing board, computer program and on air skills. Stay tuned because you could be next!
Tales of Wonder (Spoken Word, Starting SOON)

With Nola Poirier
Live on air Thursdays from 3 PM to 4 PM
The wild ways and the wiles and ways of storytelling encountered through a new theme each week. From literature, art and music to plays, poems and speeches to tall tales shared on the porch swing; the discussion and storytelling invariably vary. But every show includes tales and they are always Tales of Wonder.
Contact Nola
Latin Hour (starting SOON)

With DJ “LOLA”
Fridays 4 PM to 5 PM
Lola will take you on a musical trip through Latin America, be ready for an array of saucy, jazzy and surprising menu of the many different kinds of Latin Amerian music, from Tangos, Sambas, Merengue to the new mixed styles thas well as the old tunes that have influenced music all over the world
Facebook Fan page: Click Here

Every Day Is Like Sunday, with Bad Karen
Every Friday from 5 PM – 7 PM
Music and chatter for the coastal town they forgot to close down, brought to you by Bad Karen and the letter ‘M’. Clickhere for EDILS’s fan page on Facebook

Cowbell Radio

Fridays 7 PM-8 PM
Modern dance and indie music from it’s disco and punk roots from the 70’s and 80’s up to today. The occasional rap song.
On-air haircuts.
Fan page:
Pow!Town Getdown

Fridays 8 PM- 10PM
w/ DJ tripledub
Reggae, Dancehall
Fanpage link: click here
Freaking Open the Head

Fridays 10 PM- Midnight
MC Cinnamon Bun
Frantic experiments in delusional stratospheres (ed.)

Sunshine Yellow

Saturdays 10 AM – Noon
with Rabideye (Gian Spezz)
Mix of old and new pop, disco, bubblegum and giddy clips to clean your house by. Also, for you runners out there.
It’s radio on an upward curve.
Fanpage link:

the unending subtleties of river power
with David Parkinson
Saturdays from 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM
Beautiful sounds of the cosmos: ambience, space rock, psychedelia, drone, bliss-out. Music to disappear into.

By The Letter

With Barry McLaren
Saturdays 6 PM- 8 PM
The show is designed to be able to offer the listener a wide choice of musical formats in the hope of broadening their musical horizons and to let the affectionado’s hear tracks and mixes that will be new to most of them. Going by Delany’s Law (95% of everything is crap) 5% of everything is worth checking out and you might be surprised what tickles your fancy. Facebook Fan page: click here

Relentless Metal

With host Josh
Saturdays 8 PM – 9 PM
We will blast your eardrums with the adrenaline-pumping, pulse-pounding fix you crave. So strap yourself in and crank that volume. Hold your horns high cause this is one hour of relentless heavy metal you don’t want to miss. Fan page: click here

A.Club (starting SOON)

With Trevor W.
“A. Club is a listening experience that exposes you to not only great music but great albums. When was the last time you listened to an entire album? Thatʼs where this show steps in, to showcase albums that are great from cover to cover. Each month I select an album for review. Then over the course of the month Iʼll play a few songs off the album each show, give you my thoughts and share some of yours while interspersing complimentary music. At the end of the month weʼll review it and announce the next album. Repeat.”
Roulette Radio

Mondays 9AM-11AM
with the Radio Gaga project
Local Arts, News and Music!
The Spinning Wheel (on Thursdays from 1pm-2pm). It’s the next step in training after the Training Wheels. It’s the show for trainee-programmers to shadow a dj (DJ triple dub is hosting it for the time being)

You might have noticed that we have started getting podcasts and other pre-recorded shows into our weekly lineup. We’re going to continue looking for programs from other radio stations and individuals out there. If you have suggestions for a program that we could be broadcasting, let us know.

For now, here are the shows from elsewhere that we have in our weekly lineup. Please drop in and have a listen:

Monday to Friday at 2:00 PM: Democracy Now (a weekday hour-long roundup of news and views from the independent side of the media);
Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 PM: Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour(a worldwide multi-media celebration of grassroots, Americana music);
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 11:00 PM: An Even Keel (from CKUT in Montreal: far-out, open-format sounds for the wee hours);
Thursday at 10:00 PM: The Stunt Man (archived shows): a far-out mix of funky beats and grooves, lots of vinyl;
Saturday at 10:00 PM: The Stunt Man (most recent show): a far-out mix of funky beats and grooves, lots of vinyl.
To make it easier to tell what’s on at what time, you can consult our online calendar. It helps to click the “Week” tab in the upper right corner to see what’s on for the week we’re currently in. Live shows are marked as “LIVE: xxx” and podcasts and other pre-recorded shows as “PODCAST: xxx”.

Thanks for listening!

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