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Why hello there, CJMP fans; Happy Friday!

And it really is a happy day with some wonderful news; did you know that now gets 1,500 visitors each month? Or that we have a tremendous listener base in Vancouver?

Neither did we! Until yestersday, when our team cracked the vault to over two years of data showing the traffic behaviour of our website. (You can thank Giovanni Spezzacatena for his foresight in installing this tool 🙂 What we found was an absolute wealth of inspiring and wonderful information.

For example, since the website came online in late 2010, we’ve had over 20,000 unique visitors to – from libraries and laptops throughout the country. 9,000 of these individuals are based right here in Powell River; and of the traffic that comes in each day 40% of them are new people!

The site’s popularity has risen dramatically over the months. The Naomi Klein event back in early 2011 pushed our average up from 600 monthly visitors to 1,100; and our showing at Blackberry Festival and other summer events saw a rise from 1,100 – 1,500. But most satisfying of all is that these numbers never drop afterwards: people like what they see, and they stay.

The vast majority of you check in each day to see what’s new, and half of all visitors jump straight to our online streaming service to catch the day’s broadcast.

If you ever doubted whether or not you were reaching an audience with community radio – or that being the audience made you a group of one – I hope this news comes as a booster shot.

In the coming weeks we will continue to dredge and sift through this information, analyzing it and recording it for future volunteers; and of course, communicating it!

There are two more batches of data for yours truly to go through – and then the depth that comes with putting it all together and finding new patterns and lessons therein. This news was certainly a shot in the arm for the Board, and we – like you – are eager to hear more.

I’ve been your post Dan Zynski, allow me to play you out:

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