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CJMP is looking for some volunteers to take over a few very key aspects of running the station:

A Part-time Music Director to share the 6 AM – midnight schedule with current director Jennye Vishek and
A Logging Technician
Part-Time Music Director Position Duties :

Time commitment per week: 5+ hours
Work closely with other volunteer Music Director to oversee live Programming (from application – to training – to scheduling – to monitoring -to creating rules and procedures -to enforcing rules and procedures and policies -to advocating duties)
Schedule ( working with the spoken-word director to add,remove,and shuffle :live shows, podcasts, and automation )
Contacting record labels (and overseeing programmers that contact record labels) as well as maintaining contact with radio trackers and self-represented artists.
CRTC Requirements ( becoming familiar with the requirements and logging system , planning ways to meet them through the automation, podcasts, and live shows, working with the Logging Technican* and programmer logs to verify and be able to demonstrate that content requirements are being met )
Automation ( being part of the newly forming ‘automation team’ to set up a system by which all music being added to the server and netbook is uniformly tagged – including genre – and uniformly added to appropriate automation time slots …)
New Music CDS, mp3 Downloads, and DMDS (ensure all suitable new music being sent to the station makes it into rotation -via the automation team )
**Logging Technician Position Description :

Time commitment per week: 3-5 hours

Work closely with the Music and Spoken Word Directors to :

1. Ensure the CRTC Requirements are being met (in part, through automation logging);

2. Help create a system by which the music and spoken word in podcasts can be logged;

3. Become a part of the ‘automation team’ to set up a system by which all music being added to the server and netbook is uniformly tagged to insure proper logging;

4. Work closely with the Production Team and On-Air Promotions Director, to ensure the music in promos and Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are meeting our needs and requirements.

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