Hidden Treasures on CJMP!

Thanks to the Remote Broadcasting Outreach Program (ReBOP) lifetime member, Darlene Sundin and her program ‘Hidden Treasures’ has been restored to the CJMP radio waves. Darlene’s buy/sell show, featuring music of the 50s and 60s, returns to CJMP twice a week and is produced right from her home.

Darlene’s Hidden Treasures had been on an unfortunate and involuntary hiatus over the past three+ years. When CJMP moved into the attic of the Bowling ally, the station became inaccessible due to stairs. Now thanks to the technology and equipment purchased with funds from this grant, along with the training developed during ReBOP, a programmer can now run their own show from home live to air with a computer, web browser, microphone and headset. Our technicians and researchers made a huge breakthrough during this project which allows us to stream live programs directly into the stations automation server without requiring a second technician at the station.

We have survived in our radio station attic for three years now, grateful for the rent deal while we struggled in our early years. We’ve been making the most of our situation with our motto “High Atop the Bowling Alley in downtown Powell River”, however accessible space is paramount for an organization to grow healthy community relationships. We believe CJMP’s space must be inclusive, safe and accessible but sadly we cannot afford it yet. At this time, CJMP is discussing funding and partnership possibilities while speaking with our lovely landlord about the ol’ space below – still home to our On-Air sign of yore. In the meantime, we can at least make the airwaves accessible to all.

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Hidden Treasures airs Thursday’s at 8am and is part of #SundayFunday on CJMP,
Sunday’s at Noon after Slack Tide

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