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nola-and-her-hoopIf you’ve got something to say, then we need to talk — about getting you on the air where more people can hear about it.

Nola spins yarns, and a mean hoop as well.
Spoken Word programming is now in full swing on CJMP and I’m the new Spoken Word Director. What that means is that all the shows that are more talk than they are rock come my way, so I can help find them a home in our schedule and help get them ready to go on the air.

Spoken word programming encompasses all kinds of shows: documentaries, talk shows, storytelling, comedy, news, sports, politics, social justice, the environment, spirituality, and shows about lifestyle and education topics like food and fortunetelling and identifying bird songs.

We already have an awesome lineup of shows that are in the works and will soon be ready to launch, including: gardening, fashion, poetry, storytelling and local interest. We are also going to be launching a pile of new podcasts in the coming weeks – really cool, exciting stuff – so keep your eyes on the growing and evolving CJMP schedule to be sure you’re up on the latest airwave wonders.

But there’s still plenty of room for more live programming, including French or Spanish language shows. It takes a community to make a rich, wonderfully diverse community radio station with a chorus of local voices discussing ideas, sharing knowledge, and reciting poetry, and that means I’m hoping to hear from you. If you have a spoken word kind of a show you’re starting to mull over, or one that you’re almost ready to launch, get in touch with me: or go straight to our show application form.

After only a few months in its new incarnation it’s obvious that this radio station is going to rock, and I’m here to ensure that it will talk your socks off too. So if you’ve got something to say, let me know. I want to hear it.


Come meet Nola at CJMP’s Public Gathering on Friday, April 29th at the Community Resource Centre (4752 Joyce Ave, Powell River BC) 5:30 PM-6:30 PM.

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