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Jennye Vishek: CJMP’s New Music Director

AS part of CJMP’s continued revamping and refining of our operations, we have begun the important process of defining specific tasks and job titles for members beyond the team leadership roles. Our first official announcement comes today with Jennye Vishek’s graciously accepting to take on the job of CJMP Music Director on a volunteer basis. Jennye has served as the Team Leader of the Programming Working Group, pointing the way to our up-and-coming schedule. Being a volunteer, Jennye will be addressing only certain aspects of the official job description (see below). Essentially, the Program Director will lead the programming team and be the go-to person for all programming-related matters (e.g. accepting programs, referring programming policy to the Policy Team and to the Board, receiving CD’s, outreach to record labels, reviewing the musical styles we’ll be covering, making sure we meet our CRTC quotas, etc.) Jennye Vishek and her family moved to Powell River in the fall of 2009 and wasted no time in joining the community. Jennye is a founding member of an all girl band and is the Director of a punk rock choir, She promotes all-ages live band/dj events and is an active member of CJMP’s Programming Committee. Contact Jennye at

Position Description
The Music Director of a radio station is responsible for selecting music for specific programs aired on the station. The individual works closely with the program director. In certain stations, the Music Director is also the program director. The Music Director might also have his or her own show, working as a disc jockey.

The Music Director’s duties vary depending on what type of format is being used by the station and the duties of the program director.

Music Directors assist the Program Director in most music-oriented activities. The individual helps the Program Director research the market, determine the kind of audience the station plays to, learn what the people want to hear, and get a feel for station listeners’ likes and dislikes.

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