Get your message out and support CJMP!

...getting the message out!

…getting the message out!

We’ve come so far in such a short period, it’s hard to believe that the new incarnation of Powell River’s community radio station is just 8 months old! CJMP is a listener-supported, volunteer-run non-profit community radio station whose mission is to be an alternative to mainstream media and provide community access to the airwaves. So just how do we do that? One way is by providing support and training to local programmers and increasing our hours of live programming. We are well on our way there with 24 hours of live programming every week, plus podcasts. (see our schedule here)

Another way is by providing local businesses and organizations with a voice. We accomplish this with:

Free Community Announcements read by DJs at their own discretion;
Free ‘evergreen’ /unchanging recorded Public Service Announcements
Paid recorded ads and program/station sponsorship options (some with special non-profit rates)
Not sure which one is the best fit for your business or organization? As the new On-Air Promotions Director, it’s my responsibility to provide a sort of ‘one-stop’ contact to help find the right fit. Check out or PSA/Sponsorship/Advertising Page, but briefly though:

Community Announcements – provided free of charge and read live on-air by programmers during their shows and at their discretion. These are usually used to publicize community events such as the Garden Club Plant Sale or Earth Day. Submit an announcement .
Public Service Announcements (PSA)- free 30-second announcements for non-profit organizations that are professionally produced by CJMP and broadcast at least once per day at a random time between the hours of 6:00am and 12:00 midnight. Typically, a PSA is a general description of an organization, its mission statement, and contact information. Only one PSA will be provided per year free of charge, and there is a low fee for changing or adding to a PSA to make it more event-specific.
Program Sponsorship – Available to businesses and non-profits, program sponsorship is a great way your business or organization can support community radio, and we can support you! Sponsor a specific program and that programmer will mention your sponsorship at least once during every show, and there is a maximum of only 2 sponsors per hour of programming. PLUS your logo will appear on all of the program’s promotional materials and will appear on our site’s sponsor page.
Station Sponsorship – Available to businesses and non-profits, station sponsorships announcements are played along with our recorded station ID at least twice per day. PLUS your logo will appear on our site’s sponsor page. We even have an economical monthly Sustaining Sponsorship option for businesses ($30/month) and non-profits ($15/month)!
Paid Advertisements – Also available to businesses and non-profits , Options include: no contract ‘pay-as-you-go’, 3-month, 6-month and 1 year contracts are available for daytime (random & specific times) and night time (random & specific times).
Many options are available, so please see our rate sheets for businesses and non-profits below. For more information and contact me, Karen Skadsheim, to book a solution that fits your requirements.

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