Cowbell Cared









Great times at the Cowbell Cares – a benefit for CJMP Saturday July 16 !

We streamed the event LIVE on the radio… and we PODCASTED it too!

Thanks to Kamandi, Dancing Bear, and Sleazy V for Dee Jaying and to our tech wizards Ioni, Mel, Roger, Carrie and all from the CJMP ranks, folks had a fab time and raised a couple hundred bucks toward our Top the Tower Campaign.

(images below by Ioni Wais, image above by Mel Edgar, poster by Luke Ramsey)

cowbell2 cowbellcares


Giovanni Spezzacatena

About the author: Giovanni Spezzacatena (aka Rabideye) was volunteer for CJMP and programmer of 1000 Tiny Magnets and of Sunshine Yellow prior to that. His site:

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