Community Radio Stations S.I.N:C.E.R.E* efforts pay off (*Strength In Numbers: Communities Exchanging Radio Energies)

We are pleased to announce that CJMP, CKTZ, and CKVS are the recipients of the 2014 Radiometres Grant from the Community Radio Fund of Canada. We begin May with the launch Project SIN:CERE, Strength In Numbers: Communities Exchanging Radio Energies.

All three of our stations are community organizations without an associated academic campus or student populations that might provide a yearly stream of human or financial resources. Our organizations are all in early years of formation and looking for ways to develop sustainability. The three stations also have similar goals of increasing our communities knowledge of our unique First Nations communities, which include a combined total of 7 Nations.

Our three communities, although separated by long drives and multiple ferry rides, share many common interests in arts and culture, the environment and building connections with local First Nations people. All of us are supported by a strong and passionate group of volunteers who work for little or no wages to keep our radio stations alive in the community.

Our three stations are working on increasing our volunteer engagement, managing memberships and building fundraising initiatives. This partnership along with the skills and generosity of CJMP Board Member, Don Mitchinson, will also allow us to develop an open source database to aid with logging, music library management, membership and outreach initiatives and volunteer hour tracking.

Mentorship and skill sharing will be an exciting outcome of S.I.N:C.E.R.E. CKTZ and CKVS have experienced programmers who are also Elders of the Klahoose and Secwepemc Nation (Neskonlith band) respectively, who are willing to help mentor a producer from Tla’Amin in the creation of language programming. Training manuals and technical developments will be swapped through a year long series of professional development workshops designed for the participating stations by CJMP Program Director, Zoё Ludski.

All three stations will be able to hire or extend contracts, for positions that will help the organizations to co-ordinate increased on air content, enhance community visibility and engagement and develop the skills and knowledge of our members.

“We all look forward to continuing the exciting conversations that began while planning this project. There are many challenges ahead, including courageous conversations among community members.” Says Zoe Ludski “This grant is not only a huge success for our stations, but for our communities. We believe in the power of Community Radio to build caring thoughtful communities. In sharing stories together we are learning to listen and hear our neighbour’s voice and our own.”


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