CJMP90.1FM COVID-19 Response

Dear, Listeners,

CJMP90.1FM is still on the air!!!

However, the Powell River Community Radio Society (PRCRS) has determined that in the best interest of its volunteers and the community the station will no longer be open to all volunteers and, therefore, live programming at the station will no longer take place. This is a temporary measure during this crisis.

We have loads of great programming so make sure you continue to listen in at 90.1 on the FM dial or online at cjmp.ca/listen where you can find our program schedule. We are offering remote broadcast to our programmers and if they can create shows at home we will load them into their time slots. Stay tuned to see how creative this group of programmers can get!


All local business sponsor promos are still playing has promised – nothing has changed. We thank you for your continued support in keeping the lights on and the signal lit. We can still create sponsor promos as needed. Find out more about sponsoring CJMP90.1FM at cjmp.ca/sponsor. Now, more than ever, we need your support.


All community PSAs are still playing as promised. If you have a PSA that you need to get out to the community please go to cjmp.ca/psa.


We want to send a special thank you to our sustaining members who have supported us for so many years. We realize these are difficult times and we know you may be looking at your membership as a way to save some much needed money. We hope you will stay with us, even by just reducing instead of cancelling, but we understand the extraordinary circumstances of the times. We too are going through the same process right now.

If this is the time you would like to become a sustaining member to help us with our monthly operating costs find out more at cjmp.ca/sustain.


If by some chance you are one of the lucky ones that hasn’t been laid off or had severe income restrictions imposed, please consider a one-time donation to get CJMP past this pandemic. You can do this at cjmp.ca/donate.

Thank you and stay safe.



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