CJMP Wish List

Do you have any of these items laying around that you are not using or no longer need? Would you like to contribute a gift to your local community radio station that is something other than cash? You have come to the right place, here is our Wish List! If you have something that is not on this list that you think we might be able to use, please get in touch! Call 604-485-0088 to arrange pick up or drop off. Thank you!


  • 4G Mobile Internet Hotspot
  • 2 ZOOM 2HN Audio recorders
  • 2-4 Monopods
  • 2-4 Tripods
  • Batteries (AA)
  • Shoe Cubby to be made into mailboxes
  • Banner/sign making materials
  • A New Accessible Location
  • More volunteers
  • Books, printed materials, resources re: news, radio, broadcasting, journalism, social justice issues, community building, grant writing, anti oppression etc.
  • CD’s/Records for our music library
  • Donations for On Air prizes
  • 3 PC computers, functional
  • 2 laptop computers, functional
  • 5 sets of Sony or better quality headphones (not earbuds)
  • 2 Yeti Microphones
  • Office supplies (printer paper, post its, staples, etc)

CJMP Contra sponsorships are also available, please see our sponsorship page for details!

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