CJMP Went National on Groundwire

CJMP hosted Groundwire News – “community news from coast to coast”
on January 30, 2017 (CLICK here to listen to the recording online!)
Groundwire News airs on over 30 community radio stations across the country
Hosted by Nola Poirier, Carrie Swiggum Roger Thorn
Local reports from Courtney Harrop, Zoe Ludski, Carrie Swiggum
Featured music: Shallow Waters – Ta’kaiya Blaney

Giovanni Spezzacatena

About the author: Giovanni Spezzacatena (aka Rabideye) was volunteer for CJMP and programmer of 1000 Tiny Magnets http://1000tinymagnets.wordpress.com and of Sunshine Yellow prior to that. His site: www.rabideye.com


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