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Dear CJMP Listeners,

On behalf of CJMP, I must apologize for our downtime. This is our new site, I know it looks a little empty now, but over the next few weeks I and others will be filling it back in with more content. The Listen Live! and Contact pages I figured were the most important so I got those working first.

As to the reasons why we went down, I won’t go into great detail but I will give the gist of it. One of our members was kind enough to give us free web hosting of cjmp.ca for all this time. While he was away his web host provider decided without warning to move all his content and our site and others to a different server. Since all this was moved to a different server the ip address changes, which means cjmp.ca isn’t pointed to the correct ip address so then we went offline. So why not just change cjmp.ca to the new ip address and be done with it you ask? We discovered that even though all the files and databases were intact, the server was “misconfigured” in a bad way we didn’t know how to fix. On top of that we encountered more and more… and more problems. So then we tried to restore cjmp.ca to a different members web host server but ran into many problems trying to restore it.

So here we are now using my server, using a fresh installation of WordPress and here is me slowly bringing it all back together page by page. I’ll be bringing back support us, our programs, about us next in more or less that order first.

As for podcasts, podcasts will be permanently located at podcast.cjmp.ca the link is also on the menu bar at the top of the site under Podcasts. Now I know when you go there now its empty, but hopefully that site will rise again soon with help of Terry Joyce.

If you were a author, editor, contributor, or administrator on this site before send me a email with your desired username, email address, your desired level (listed earlier), and I will create an account for you. Your password will automatically be generated and sent to your given email and which can of course you can change later. Contact me! (Select “Webmaster” under who to contact).

Once again sorry for the downtime! If you have any questions or concerns or need info that the old site provided but its not currently up yet please contact me! (Select “Webmaster” under who to contact).


Lowell Boran
CJMP Webmaster


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