CJMP is back up at 90.1FM – Signal Move Coming Soon

Sponsor Coordinator Leeanne and host of one of CJMP’s most popular show Slacktide (LIVE Sundays 10am-noon; rebroadcast Tues 5-7PM) and PRCRS Treasurer Roger Thorn attended the 2017 Newcomers’ Social at Dwight Hall on May 16, 2017.

CJMP is back up at 90.1FM – Signal Move Coming Soon!

Keep listening and soon our signal reach will increase by leaps and bounds.



Giovanni Spezzacatena

About the author: Giovanni Spezzacatena (aka Rabideye) was volunteer for CJMP and programmer of 1000 Tiny Magnets http://1000tinymagnets.wordpress.com and of Sunshine Yellow prior to that. His site: www.rabideye.com

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