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Previous interviews here:

  • The Fifth episode of Powell River Votes! focuses on youth and education,  with guests Mai (an international student) and Tylis Sliwinski, interviews with Ruby Barclay, candidate Rob Southcott, incumbent Myrna Leishman and more! Hosted by Emma Bell and Tricia Sharpe. tune in Mondays from 6:30-7:30pm until Nov 17th! http://podcast.cjmp.ca/index.php?id=1341 
  •  The Fourth episode of Powell River Votes! focuses on taxes and public services,  with guests Murray Dobbin and Trish Cocksedge, interviews with candidate karen Skadsheim, and incumbent Debbie Dee and more!Hosted by Emma Bell and Lyla Smith. Tune in Mondays from 6:30-7:30pm until Nov 17th! http://podcast.cjmp.ca/index.php?id=1331
  • The Third episode of Powell River Votes! focuses on environmental stewardship, a conversation with Let’s Talk Trash Team member Abby M, interviews with candidate CaroleAnn Leishman, and council member Russell Brewer + more! Hosted by Emma Bell and Courtney Harrop. Listen http://podcast.cjmp.ca/index.php?id=1326
  • The Second episode of Powell River Votes is now available online for listening and download! Focuses on jobs and economic sustainability, a conversation with community member Claudia Medina, interviews with candidate Anita Adams, and council member Maggie Hathaway and more. Hosted by Emma Bell and Drewen Young. Listen: http://podcast.cjmp.ca/index.php?id=1318
  • The First episode of Powell River Votes! This episode focuses on civic engagement and accountability, the when/where/how to vote in the municipal election, and interviews with candidate Jim Baron, and Mayor Dave Formosa. Hosted by Emma Bell and Ionatan Waisgluss. Listen: http://podcast.cjmp.ca/index.php?id=1315


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