Wrapping up Radiometres

“Doc & Bowl”: Feb 24, 2017 Listening Party for CJMP at Westview Bowling and Billiards

Around 25 audiophiles attended Powell River’s possibly first-ever Listening Party at Strikers Pub/Westview Bowling and Billiards last night, where 5 short audio documentaries were played, two of which had never aired on CJMP. The docs were produced through a CRFC Radiometres grant received by CJMP in 2016. All five producers [Janet May, ZoĂ« Ludski, Ionanthan Waisgluss (Ioni Wais), Sandra Lopez, and Giovanni Spezzacatena (rabideye)] were in attendance at the event that was held with the financial support from a grant awarded by The Powell River Council for Arts, Culture and Heritage.

The surprisingly intimate gathering (seeing as it was held in a bowling alley) listened attentively, some with eyes shut, while the short documentaries played. The audience did not hold back on reactions to the material, providing a new an interesting way to deliver audio docs: in a live setting and with the producers present. A brief q&a period followed, where some audience members pointed out how inspired they were by the unique the multi-faceted docs, two of which prominently featured the T’a’amin Nation, and all of which really got to a very specific sense of “place”.

Many kudos to former CJMP News Director Carrie Swiggum who planned the event, acted as emcee, and who provided direction and assistance in the production of the docs.

This event also marked the close of the Radiometres grant period, that helped fund three part-time staff members [Carrie Swiggum (News Director), Mel Edgar (Station Manager) for 20 hours per week and Giovanni Spezzacatena (Community Engagement/Producer) for 8 hours per week], who were also joined in the summer of 2016 by intern Ioni Wais at 20 hours per week. The grant helped produce 7 months of weekly 1-hour CJMP News programs, two major fundraisers (Top the Tower and the Fall Membership Drive), CJMP presence at loads of public events (Canada Day, The 2016 People’s Prom, Movie Under the Stars, Blackberry Fest, and many more), community engagement via these events, monthly e-newsletters, maintaining of the CJMP events calendar, the production of a dozen PSAs for community organizations as well as internal promos and graphics, a serious uptick in new programming with 7 new programs, and the documentaries screened on February 24th.

This good work would not have been possible without the dedication, hard work and attention paid by the volunteer board that operates CJMP, the Board of Directors of The Powell River Community Radio Society.

To listen to the audio documentaries produced, visit https://cjmp.ca/radiometers-2016-radio-documentaries/ for links.


(Some of) Our Live Programmers’ Best of 2016

First of all… disclaimer: These choices, content, and links below (some of which will include ‘profane language’ or provocative ideas) do not necessarily reflect the views of CJMP’s programmers, staff or board of Powell River Community Radio Society.
Roger Thorn of Slacktide, Live on Sundays 10am-Noon and rebroadcast Tues 5-7PM

  • lemon jelly-nervous tension
  • kate tempest-happy end
  • linton kwesi johnson-poems of shape and motion
  • esther phillips-use me

Daniel Rajala (Captain Under Pants) of Captain Under Pants Does Manic Monday, Live on Mondays 1PM-2PM

“Here is my top ten songs I play on my show quite often:”

  • Moon dance by Van Morrison
  • Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics
  • Fashion by David Bowie
  • A good song by Valdy
  • Trouble with normal by Bruce Cockburn
  •  Mingus by Joni Mitchel
  • Perfect Day by Lou Reed
  • Chiquitta by Abba
  •  Talkin about a Revolution by Tracy Chapman
  • Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen

Carrie Swiggum of CJMP News Live Fri. Noon-1PM, and rebroadcast on Sat. 11AM-Noon


Rabideye of “1000 Tiny Magnets” Fri 1-3PM Live and rebroadcast on Sat. 10PM-Midnight

David Parkinson of “The Unending Subtleties of River Power” Fri 3-5PM Live and rebroadcast on Wed. 9-11PM

Bad Karen of Every Day is Like Sunday, Live on Fridays 5-7PM; rebroadcast Mon 6-8PM

  • The The – Perfect
  • Belle & Sebastian – Step Into My Office Baby
  • New Pornographers – Myriad Harbour
  • Stone Roses – I Am the Resurrection
  • Morrissey – In the Future When All’s Well
  • Dave Brubeck – Take Five
  • Bowie – basically his entire catalogue but for 2016, i’ll choose Blackstar (naturally)
  • Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl

DJ Triple Dub of Pow!Town Get Down Live Fridays 8-10PM, rebroadcast Mondays 8-10PM

“I started to put together a best of and it got pretty big.  But here is a smaller best of, i guess choose from; Cancon includes dubmatix, house of david gang, head high, tasmand jude”

Colm of An Even Keel, Live Saturdays 8-10PM, rebroadcast Tues 10PM-Midnight