What Our Survey Said

CJMP conducted a short 10-question Listener Survey that ran from Nov 21-Dec 21, 2016. Originally devised by Giovanni Spezzacatena, the questions asked were based on an earlier survey in 2011 (results of that, here).

Many thanks to the 62 respondents for their input. Not having the resources to conduct market research on a wide scale, CJMP relies heavily on listener feedback, so feel free to let us know what you think any time you like by using our contact form, no need to wait for the next “official survey”. Congratulation to Ray Harris! Ray won a $30 gift certificate to Velma’s Candy, Soaps and Gifts at 4660B Marine Ave. Powell River, (Open noon-5pm Mon-Sat). Thanks also to Velma Richmond for donating the fab gift!

Here are the anonymous results from the survey:

  1. Survey Taker’s Gender

2. Survey Taker’s Age

3.  Are you/have you been a volunteer or member of CJMP/PRCRS?

4. What do you like most about CJMP 90.1FM? (a comment-based question)

  • I listen to Frequency Downshifting but also listen to pre-programmed music whenever I can.
  • Captain Underpants
  • Friday live line-up, Slack Tide, Democracy Now.
  • I like the fact that we have a local radio broadcast and that they are good at it.
  • local! a good mix of programming; local news and programming
  • Fridays are the best…all the live programs plus the stuntman’s show.
  • Learning about new music I’ve never heard of
  • I like the different varieties of music that are played and the different spoken word shows is nice too. I also like that it is a community based radio and is in touch with whats going on in Powell River.
  • I’ve only started listening, randomly. So far I’ve liked what I’ve heard 🙂 Let’s Talk Trash and a nice reggae show…
  • I like classical music, however I live at Black point and cannot receive your station, however I always listen on the radio in the truck in town. I also really like NPR
  • It’s freedom and openness to all shows. More tech music
  • You can share your music and passion with the community.
  • I like how inclusive it is.
  • I love the chance you have to volunteer and help out.
  • I like how people volunteer their time to support the show.
  • Thunderbass (2x)
  • I like the energy and openness to all art forms.
  • The variety for sure. Thunderbass Radio RULES!
  • I like the music mainly. But Canadaland is good too.
  • programs music pow town get down 1000 tiny magnets democracy watch
  • Democracy Now, unending subtleties, Slack Tide, new one with rockabilly, psychobilly etc. Bad Karen, African music, local music, Captain F**king Underpants, he is hilarious. The occasional bits of dead air space, interrupted songs, lol.
  • All of it. particularly CandaLand, the Zero Waste folks, the dj’s, love all of it!
  • Chad’s program, something under one groove?
  • you have the best people on the air. they are really enthusiastic and love the community
  • The diversity and community feeling of ownership. The quirkiness and events.
  • I like music shows where the DJ plays what they want. No playlists!
  • No ads Local Slack Tide and Blues Democracy Now
  • Vegetation Station, Let’s Talk Trash, CJMP News, Powtown Getdown, 1000 Tiny Magnets, Unending Subtleties of River Power, Slack Tide, Everyday is like Sunday
  • Like the varied music – favorite shows are Slack Tide, Frequency Downshift, Big Groove, One Coast Under a Groove, CJMP News, Rockin Blues
  • Democracy now, news, every day is like sunday, veg station, hearing local voices, local events, the station IDs, … so many things
  • Generally the community it brings together. I listen to a lot of the shows. My favourite is The PowTown GetDown and CJMP News
  • I’m tuning in to hear my brother Bob Mills on Dec 02
  • Good Music
  • CJMP is collaborative and different. CJMP News, Even Keel, Slacktide.
  • The diversity of local talent
  • Slacktide, positively talkative, cjmp news
  • No ads, Slack Tide, Democracy Now, good music, community events
  • Most of the music- live and automated. Like the podcasts, talk shows NOT Canadian Pop.
  • All the amazing local content, the news show has been incredible 🙂
  • Jazz
  • PSAs, Friday Line up, Frequency Downshifting, Slacktide and all the other live stuff!
  • The variety of music as well as news clips. The updates on local events.
  • David P’s show is the highlight of my Friday workday!
  • The variety. Positively Talkative is interesting to listen to.
  • The fact that it provides a venue to air music and ideas from the average person, highlighting what they think is great music and ideas! Local voices and concerns.
  • You hear music and topics not always heard on the regular commercial stations
  • Non profit alternative media driven by community
  • Corporate ad free air waves and programming that is unrestricted by politics, censorship, etc.
  • Friday night lineup
  • Local stuff
  • The Chad
  • One coast under a groove on Thursdays from 8-10 pm 🙂

5. How often/approximately how many hour per week do you listen to CJMP?

6. What changes would most improve CJMP 90.1FM? (a comment-based question)

  • More power, I don’t receive the signal often when I’m walking
  • More community involvement
  • stronger signal
  • More beats late into the party nights (Friday and Saturday). Less Alanis Morisette.
  • Better coverage.
  • I haven’t listened to enough to make any suggestions.
  • Receive it at home
  • Being more visible within the community and hopefully involving more of the community in its operation.
  • Tech
  • Longer show time for Thunderbass
  • More longer show times.
  • No changes really, it all seems grand.
  • Larger broadcast range.
  • Way less reggae, way less musical diarrhea, {Jazz } More Cal Coat, World Beats Canada, More African music, Put back on the 15 second version of Blast From The Past, the one where the show lasted about 15 seconds then skipped to something completely different, it was awesome, Hidden treasure, 35 properly rinsed and stored amber wine cans, err bottles rather, 35 dollars firm, that was awesome as well, really miss that one. You guys are doing a great job, love the station, so much better than a 6 hour continuous loop of regurgitated bullsh*t like most other stations, love you guys. P.S we need more advertisement for upcoming music event, have missed David Gogo and D.O.A twice because of lack of promotion, you gotta do that more, really, no really you do. Seriously. Listening to David’s show right now, he rocks, tell him that from Bob.
  • Filling the airwaves with other city coop radio. you do that now but it would be great to hear more. especially outside our area. just to get perspective from the rest of the world.
  • Can we hear you in Wildwood yet?
  • I think more fund-development for paid station staff and summer positions?
  • It’d be great to get the tower project done and maybe have more cool DJ’s playing killer tunes
  • Getting the tower so I can listen on my regular radio.
  • Boosting signal for greater outreach, wheelchair accessibility, and if everybody would wake up and realize how important, fun and galvanizing a community radio station can be.
  • Being able to listen everywhere while driving in Powell River and outside city limits. More live programs and remote live shows.
  • More shows, less loop. more blocks of time that are consistent to the type of listener. less BLUES!!!!
  • Better FM signal, more live programming.
  • Better Signal
  • Making members feel more involved. Not as many rebroadcasts.
  • A bigger broadcast range to bring in a bigger audience
  • Better sound quality
  • I can’t get the FM signal in Wildwood where I live and I hope the new transmitter will fix this
  • Less Canadian Pop
  • Better FM signal please!
  • Not having recurring ads for events that have already happened
  • More community presence (e.g. posters() and more active soliciting of PSAs and Sponsorships
  • Would like to see more live programming. Would much rather hear more repeat broadcasts of live shows than automated music.
  • Less canned content. Go with your strengths, which is local subject matter experts and great local music.
  • More live and local programs, better location and better reception.
  • Less automation and more recognition of people doing live shows by local media etc.
  • A functioning Board of Directors with a clear vision and strategic plan that built foundation policies to support and engage community members in media.
  • More live/local programming.
  • A more engaged board of directors, not reinventing the wheel every time new people come on board.
  • Radio coverage for Texada island as we can currently only stream your station online 🙂

7. Overall, what is your level of satisfaction in regard to CJMP 90.1 FM?


8. What sort of on-air content are you MOST likely to tune into CJMP for?

9. How likely are you to donate via  a Sustaining Membership to CJMP in the next 12 months?

10. How would you most like to receive more information about our organization?


A Note From Our Program Director

A Note From Our Program Director

CJMP Powell River BC Community Radio

CJMP Powell River BC Community Radio

We ended 2012 with a Programming Record: three new shows starting in three consecutive months. We are on track for a fourth with our latest programmer in training Emma showing all signs of being ready in January.

Lady Nightingale of Country Roads and Celtic Bliss (Saturdays 1PM -3PM, Roger of Slack Tide (Sundays 9AM-11AM), and Veronika and Catherine of The Extra Mile (Wednesdays 8PM-9PM) are sounding fantastic as they soar into their second, third and fourth months on the air.

And now…. May I proudly announce Maelstrom Mondays! A night for you to catch up on some of our favorite shows that you may have missed the first time around.

Beginning at 7PM Monday nights we launch into Wednesday nights’ Fuzz // Phase // Delay with Trevor Refix, followed by Friday nights’ line up of David and The Unending Subtleties of RIver Power and Bad Karen’s Every Day Is Like Sunday. (Do you feel the Maelstrom? That’s Wednesday, Friday and not really Sunday all again on Monday.)

Other rebroadcasts added to our schedule include:

By the Letter with Barry McLaren (org. Sat 6-8) – Tuesday’s 8Pm-10PM
The Training Wheel with Zoe (org. Mon 11-1) – Saturday’s 11AM-1PM
The Great Composers with John Silver (org. Tue 4-5)- Sunday’s 8AM-9AM

(be sure to look under “our programs” for descriptions of all of these wonderful shows!)

Thanks by the truck load to David Parkinson of The Unending Subtleties of River Power for updating all this and stay tuned for even more changes to the schedule in the New Year!

Programmers meet monthly (ish) for skill development sessions as well as updates on people and policies, new music and interview possibilities, volunteer positions that are open, etc. If you have suggestions for these sessions (areas you teach in or areas you would like to learn) or agenda items you would like to discuss, please email programdirector@cjmp.ca. January’s Programmers Meeting is tentatively set for Saturday January 26th at 4PM at the station. During December we talked about bringing depth to our programming. We discussed the importance of the Audience and the Narrative of a radio show. Always an interesting conversation with lots of laughs.

I deeply appreciate the time and effort of our programmers as they continue to bring local music and information to our community while bringing global audiences streaming into Powell River . (literally and figuratively) I am honoured to work with you and help your voice get heard.

Thanks for listening everyone!







CJMP 90.1FM, Powell River’s Community Radio Station is excited to announce that we have TWO PAIRS of weekend passes to give away for Sunshine Music Fest! A draw will be held of all active members. Check to make sure your membership card is up to date! All Sustaining Members will be entered into a smaller draw for the second pair of weekend passes.

Not a member yet? It’s easy!! Check here sign up online RIGHT NOW, or you can purchase memberships in person at CMG Printing, Kingfisher Books, and Ecossentials, all on Marine Avenue. It’s only $10 per year or, even better, you can be a superhero and become a sustaining member for as little as $5/month and be rewarded with extra perks like this one (click here)!

Our winners will be announced Friday night at 9pm on the Pow Town Get Down Show (8PM-10PM) Print out a new schedule now, click here or drop by our CJMP booth this weekend and pick up a paper copy and say HI!– t-shirts, hoodies and st

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