Wrapping up Radiometres

“Doc & Bowl”: Feb 24, 2017 Listening Party for CJMP at Westview Bowling and Billiards

Around 25 audiophiles attended Powell River’s possibly first-ever Listening Party at Strikers Pub/Westview Bowling and Billiards last night, where 5 short audio documentaries were played, two of which had never aired on CJMP. The docs were produced through a CRFC Radiometres grant received by CJMP in 2016. All five producers [Janet May, ZoĂ« Ludski, Ionanthan Waisgluss (Ioni Wais), Sandra Lopez, and Giovanni Spezzacatena (rabideye)] were in attendance at the event that was held with the financial support from a grant awarded by The Powell River Council for Arts, Culture and Heritage.

The surprisingly intimate gathering (seeing as it was held in a bowling alley) listened attentively, some with eyes shut, while the short documentaries played. The audience did not hold back on reactions to the material, providing a new an interesting way to deliver audio docs: in a live setting and with the producers present. A brief q&a period followed, where some audience members pointed out how inspired they were by the unique the multi-faceted docs, two of which prominently featured the T’a’amin Nation, and all of which really got to a very specific sense of “place”.

Many kudos to former CJMP News Director Carrie Swiggum who planned the event, acted as emcee, and who provided direction and assistance in the production of the docs.

This event also marked the close of the Radiometres grant period, that helped fund three part-time staff members [Carrie Swiggum (News Director), Mel Edgar (Station Manager) for 20 hours per week and Giovanni Spezzacatena (Community Engagement/Producer) for 8 hours per week], who were also joined in the summer of 2016 by intern Ioni Wais at 20 hours per week. The grant helped produce 7 months of weekly 1-hour CJMP News programs, two major fundraisers (Top the Tower and the Fall Membership Drive), CJMP presence at loads of public events (Canada Day, The 2016 People’s Prom, Movie Under the Stars, Blackberry Fest, and many more), community engagement via these events, monthly e-newsletters, maintaining of the CJMP events calendar, the production of a dozen PSAs for community organizations as well as internal promos and graphics, a serious uptick in new programming with 7 new programs, and the documentaries screened on February 24th.

This good work would not have been possible without the dedication, hard work and attention paid by the volunteer board that operates CJMP, the Board of Directors of The Powell River Community Radio Society.

To listen to the audio documentaries produced, visit https://cjmp.ca/radiometers-2016-radio-documentaries/ for links.


Our Sustaining Members Speak Up!

QUESTION: WHY ARE YOU A SUSTAINING MEMBER OF CJMP? (join up as a Sustaining Member now!)

Bad Karen (pictured at left): “I am a sustaining member because I believe community radio is an important part of life in a small town.”

Susan Hainstock: “I believe in community radio and in our PR community generally. It is hard to support every good cause and as a pensioner I have to choose very carefully how I spend my charitable money. Community radio is one of my choices within this great town.”

Daniel Rajala: “The reasons I have for being to a sustaining member is I like to help to keep free, independent radio going; hear programs that are about Powell River. I hang out at the radio station, do a show, use the internet and telephone and like to help to pay the bills.”

DJ Triple Dub: “I’ve been a sustaining member of CJMP from the day we started selling memberships, but really came to understand how critical regular monthly income is during my three years on the Board of Directors. The annual memberships at $10, although highly indicative of one’s support for local independent broadcast media, are quite puny, to be frank, and hardly help CJMP with operating expenses. We are like your loyal pet, we are better nourished and offer more companionship with feedings at regular intervals, rather than once annually.”

Dolores de la Torre (pictured at left): “I have become a sustaining member because I believe in community involvement and unity, a radio station of our own is a great privilege. It has countless benefits which we can all help sustain.”

John Speakman: “I chose to become a sustaining member for two reasons:
1) the community it creates and
2) radio waves go on forever (almost) and I want to be more like radio waves.”

Kaia Sherritt: “It gives everyone in our community the opportunity to have a voice. There’s a diverse array of shows and personalities. Great music, informative conversations, and a good way to keep up on what’s happening locally.”

Sherry Pooley: “I have grown up listening to commercial radio and all that it has to offer. But Community radio stations are what I have been tuning to for the last few years. I love to listen to indie music and new Canadian artists who are trying to get their music heard. Community radio can offer that alternative without having to give in to what is commercially more acceptable. If my 30 cents a day can help, then I consider that cheap entertainment for what I want to listen to. Way less than a cup of coffee, even at Timmies! Keep up the good work CJMP!”

Giovanni Spezzacatena: “I first came into contact with Community/Campus radio in Montreal (CKUT). I was amazed at the freedom the DJs had to play a range of musical styles and present ideas (International music, Punk, Goth, Death Metal, even the Smiths – that commercial radio did not play at all – and songs with swearing! ♥). Diversity reigns on Community Radio. And while I didn’t necessarily like everything I heard on Campus Radio, it was always challenging and gave voice to young people and non-corporate ideas that I was yearning to hear reflected. I was not alone in the top-40 desert in the suburbs! I believe that Community Radio in a small town is many times more important as there are naturally fewer local avenues for self-expression and conversation than in larger population centers with more vibrant social/educational institutions and better-funded arts and culture. Yes, we have the internet now, but radio is accessible and what a thrill to actually be able to voice local concerns, play music we’d like to hear on the radio in real time. Sustaining Memberships are a no-brainer. Super-cheap , and ALL the money goes to making great radio happen. CJMP is proudly non-profit and independent.  [Giovanni has been a member of CJMP since 2009,was a Board Member of PRCRS , and is employed part-time with CJMP as a Community Engagement/Producer until March 2017 + he is volunteer host of 1000 Tiny Magnets]

Many thanks to PRCR Secretary David Parkinson who got this blog post rolling with a call to Sustaining Members to pipe up!

Also many, many thanks to the ‘Sustainers’ mentioned above (there are 50 of them in all, folks!) who took the time to write us these fabulous reasons to sustain).

(join up as a Sustaining Member now!)


Re-Member Yourself!

Did you know…. Annual PRCRC (CJMP 90.1fm) Memberships EXPIRED at the AGM last night? Renew your support as an Annual Member ($10) https://cjmp.ca/membership, Give one as a gift (with e-card sent to recipient) at https://cjmp.ca/gifts OR better yet, keep your membership evergreen with a Sustaining Membership ($5, $10, $15, $20…per month) at https://cjmp.ca/sustain

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