New Program! Climate of Change

New Program! Climate of Change


Fridays at 12:00 Noon on CJMP

From Kootenay Co-op Radio

This one-hour program is hosted by Tanya Coad, Anni Holtby, and Laura Sacks (West Kootenay chapter head of Citizen’s Climate Lobby). Their goal is to expand the climate change conversation by taking what is, for many, a dry and often daunting subject, and turning it into something more listener friendly and solutions based.

Where possible, Climate of Change weaves together diverse elements of music, humor, and spoken word. They have featured interviews and presentations by climate change notables such as authors Tom Rand and Naomi Klein, documentary film producer, Avi Lewis, and Senior Editor of Circle of Blue, Keith Schneider.

Climate change is, of course, one of today’s most pressing issues. For this reason, we at CJMP FM are broadcasting this series to people in our region concerned to know the facts and what they can do about them.