Wrapping up Radiometres

“Doc & Bowl”: Feb 24, 2017 Listening Party for CJMP at Westview Bowling and Billiards

Around 25 audiophiles attended Powell River’s possibly first-ever Listening Party at Strikers Pub/Westview Bowling and Billiards last night, where 5 short audio documentaries were played, two of which had never aired on CJMP. The docs were produced through a CRFC Radiometres grant received by CJMP in 2016. All five producers [Janet May, Zoë Ludski, Ionanthan Waisgluss (Ioni Wais), Sandra Lopez, and Giovanni Spezzacatena (rabideye)] were in attendance at the event that was held with the financial support from a grant awarded by The Powell River Council for Arts, Culture and Heritage.

The surprisingly intimate gathering (seeing as it was held in a bowling alley) listened attentively, some with eyes shut, while the short documentaries played. The audience did not hold back on reactions to the material, providing a new an interesting way to deliver audio docs: in a live setting and with the producers present. A brief q&a period followed, where some audience members pointed out how inspired they were by the unique the multi-faceted docs, two of which prominently featured the T’a’amin Nation, and all of which really got to a very specific sense of “place”.

Many kudos to former CJMP News Director Carrie Swiggum who planned the event, acted as emcee, and who provided direction and assistance in the production of the docs.

This event also marked the close of the Radiometres grant period, that helped fund three part-time staff members [Carrie Swiggum (News Director), Mel Edgar (Station Manager) for 20 hours per week and Giovanni Spezzacatena (Community Engagement/Producer) for 8 hours per week], who were also joined in the summer of 2016 by intern Ioni Wais at 20 hours per week. The grant helped produce 7 months of weekly 1-hour CJMP News programs, two major fundraisers (Top the Tower and the Fall Membership Drive), CJMP presence at loads of public events (Canada Day, The 2016 People’s Prom, Movie Under the Stars, Blackberry Fest, and many more), community engagement via these events, monthly e-newsletters, maintaining of the CJMP events calendar, the production of a dozen PSAs for community organizations as well as internal promos and graphics, a serious uptick in new programming with 7 new programs, and the documentaries screened on February 24th.

This good work would not have been possible without the dedication, hard work and attention paid by the volunteer board that operates CJMP, the Board of Directors of The Powell River Community Radio Society.

To listen to the audio documentaries produced, visit https://cjmp.ca/radiometers-2016-radio-documentaries/ for links.

Deadline Extended to May 13: CJMP is seeking a paid intern for the summer

Deadline Extended to May 13: CJMP is seeking a paid intern for the summer


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CJMP – recipient of Youth on Air! grant
Posted on April 15, 2016 by Citizen Journalist
CJMP 90.1 FM, a community-based OR campus radio station in Powell River, is proud to announce that it was awarded $7,555 through the program Youth on Air! of the Community Radio Fund of Canada (CRFC).The CRFC awarded over $200,000 to 21 communities and campus stations to allow them to hire interns to produce programming on their airwaves this summer.

CJMP 90.1 FM will use the funds to hire a Production Assistant Intern and provide community radio experience to a local youth (aged 16 to 30, inclusive).

CJMP is a listener-supported community radio station. As a non-profit alternative to mainstream media, CJMP 90.1 FM engages, educates, entertains, challenges and provides community access to the airwaves.

The objective of the CRCF’s ‘Youth on Air!’ program is to increase capacity and outreach of stations through the recruitment, hiring and training of young talented radio programmers while contributing to new and innovative programming.

Roger Oullette, president of the CRFC, mentions that “the CRFC is proud to offer campus and community radio stations a program that not only fosters new radio talent among youth, but that also strengthens stations’ capacities and productivity.”

The CRFC supports more than 180 licensed campus and community radio stations across Canada and distributes funding for the development and sustainability of local community radio broadcasting.

The CJMP News Production Assistant Internship Project  will provide s a one youth intern, between the ages of 16 and 30 (inclusive), training and education enabling and empowering them to fulfil the duties of  a Production Assistant to the CJMP News Director  whereupon they will provide content production and editing and event coverage through the 2016 summer season.  

For more information about the CRFC and all of its recipients, please visit www.crfc-fcrc.ca.

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CJMP FM Receives Grant From CRFC to Develop & Support Community News Stream

CJMP FM Receives Grant From CRFC to Develop & Support Community News Stream

cjmpHeaderFebruary 4, 2016



CJMP 90.1 FM and the Powell River Community Radio Society are pleased to announce that the Society has received a $49,050 grant from the Community Radio Fund of Canada. These funds will develop and support the CJMP Community News Stream.

The main goal of this project is to develop a news department created by and for the community. It includes creating workshops taught by media professionals; one on how to report the news, the other on the technical aspects of getting it on the air. Volunteers will then produce a one-hour weekly news show. The grant will fund three staff positions for one year, including Station Manager, News Director and Community Engagement Editor. There will also be funds and mentorship available for contract documentary producers.

“This is a chance for the station to really connect with and grow our audience in a way that we haven’t been able to before,” said Carrie Swiggum, society president. “At the very least, the grant will provide the means to create a solid training ground for aspiring producers while informing the community on important topics.”

The grant builds on the success of Powell River Votes, CJMP’s election coverage that informed listeners about the 2014 municipal race. In early 2015, the society sent a survey to its members and a majority responded that local political coverage, First Nations content, and environmental reporting was “high priority” or “essential” programming.

The CRFC awards annual grants through a competitive application and review process. The Society has received several CRFC grants in the station’s five-year history since it went back on the air in 2011.

Carrie Swiggum, President
Powell River Community Radio Society